Am I Lucky or Unlucky? The Quiz Will Find Out

Am I Lucky or Unlucky? The Quiz Will Find Out
Do you believe that a successful career and billions in your bank account are the results of diligent work? Perhaps, but luck also plays an important role. This test determines how lucky you are!

Have you ever won in a lottery?

Yes! I’ll hit my first grand with the winnings soon

Got lucky a couple of times, but nothing big

No, never succeeded

Which line in the store do you always choose?

I’m a pro in that: can easily spot a fast moving line

Usually the one that’s the most noisy or with thugs

I always choose the line where a cashier decides to take a break and someone in front of me is counting coins one-by-one

There’s a waste bin near your table. Will you be able to toss a paper inside?

Of course! I’m good at basketball

After my fifth try only

Oh no, I’ll definitely miss

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about sport?

Fame, awards, respect

Training. Lots of training

Serious traumas

Have you ever found money in the street?

Yes. Once I’ve found a wallet!

Yes, a buck or two

No. However, I would love to

Tomorrow you’re going on a date with someone you like. What do you do today?

I’m getting ready, choose what to wear

I’m trying to reschedule my plans

I’ll definitely get sick or be swamped with work

In order to pass the exam successfully you need to…

Learn a couple of questions. I know how to choose

Learn half of the material and read the other half. And then, pray to get lucky

Learn everything by heart. However, it’s not a guarantee

How often were you asked at school when your homework wasn’t ready?

Do you often see a discount for an item you want to buy?

Yes. I see big discounts and sales quite often

If I’m tracking the item, I might get lucky

No. I never had a chance to buy anything with a discount

Have you ever won from a claw crane?

Yep. I’m a pro

Yes. I need to practice before getting the toy

No. Never

Lucky person!

You’re truly lucky! Have you noticed that the bus is arriving precisely at the moment when you come to the bus stop, you’re always asked the questions you know at the exams, and an empty table is waiting for you at your favorite cafe? It all states that luck plays a significant role in your life! How lucky your friends are? Let’s find out! Share this test with them!

A smile of fortune

We have to acknowledge the fact the fate is being kind to you, and it’s very obvious. You might have noticed it yourself. For example, when accidentally meeting a good friend or getting a raise after several hard days. This is called sheer luck, although it’s not constant. How lucky your friends are? Let’s find out! Share this test with them!

Chronic absence of luck

We have to acknowledge the fact that you’re often unlucky. Have you ever noticed that a bus departs the bus stop at the moment when you arrive, you’re asked the most difficult questions at the exams, and there are no empty seats at your favorite cafe? Well, you probably might be lucky in love! How lucky your friends are? Let’s find out! Share this test with them!