Are You Neurotic? This Quiz Will Find Out

Are You Neurotic? This Quiz Will Find Out
Neurosis is a neuropsychic disease, which can dramatically decrease the life quality of a person. Neurosis originates from extended stress and can harm health if not dealt with. Answer our test questions and find out whether you're at risk for neurosis.

You feel oppression and low spirits lately.

Is your sleep troubled and superficial?

No, I have a deep sleep

It happens periodically

I often wake up, I have nightmares

When do you think about the near future, how does your face look?

How many times do you think about turned on iron or unclosed door after going outside?

When you're upset, you have a heartache or a headache.

Do you automatically perform nervous acts (fashing hair, smoothing clothes, rubbing hands)?

No, my actions are calm

It happens when I don't feel comfortable

Yes, very often

Is your appetite poor?

Not at all

Only after stress

Quite often

Assess how often compulsive memories trouble you

Do you notice that you're impatient?

No, scarcely ever

It happens if the day is hard

Yes, I'm often annoyed

How do you look when you're waiting for something?

Do you have constant doubts over the correctness of your actions?

I'm a self-confident person

I feel it periodically

Yes, I doubt all the time

You've become more absent-minded and inattentive lately

Do you feel involuntary twitching of eyelids, lips, shoulders?

No, I fully control my body

Not often

It happens quite often after stress

You're always anxious because of someone or something

How often do you have a feeling of desolation?

I don't feel it at all

I have this feeling periodically

I often have this feeling

Do you feel a lump in the throat when worrying?




Your nervious system can be admired!

You aren't subject to the strong impact of stress and your nervous system is great at dealing with everyday troubles. You're cool as ice and you can be really called stress-proof! Share the test result with friends and find out who can stay firm in any real-life situations!

You should take more care of yourself

You periodically feel the impact of stress on your life. To minimize anxiety and nervousness, you need to pay attention to your diet, work-sleep routine. Relaxing massages, spa-procedures, evening walks, vitamins and vacation will help you restore quicker. Share the test result on social media, your boss may see it and give you an unplanned leave!

Probably, you need to visit a specialist

You probably have the signs of neurosis. Recovery should take place wholistically, that's why we recommend visiting a psychotherapist. We wish you good health, nerves of steel and as many pleasant moments as possible! Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)