Association quiz with explanations

Association quiz with explanations
Association tests are used in psychology to work with our subconscious mind and reveal our personality. Paying attention to our mental associations can give us plenty of important and useful information. Ready to start?

Imagine that you're walking in the forest. What kind of forest is that? What do you see first?

An enchanted forest with magical creatures

Fallen trees that I need to go through

A source of drinking water

Animals' burrows

Imagine a clear blue sky with no clouds. Now, look at the landscape around you. What is it?

Snowy plain

Vast blue sea

Mountains covered in green

A filed of yellow flowers

Next situation: a blue bird is flying through your window. It's trapped in your room. You decide to keep this bird, but notice that it changes its color every day. What will be its color tomorrow morning?

It turns black

Again blue

It turns white

It turns golden

Answer without thinking. You're walking in the park. Who's with you?

No one


Close friends

People I know

Answer without thinking. You're attacked by the beast. What do you do?

I'm waiting for the proper moment to act

I'm trying to explain something. It's a living creature after all

I'm shouting as loud as I can

I'm thinking of how to escape

Imagine that you're in a desert. You're walking for a long time, Suddenly, you see water! Describe what you see and do.

It's a big reservoir. I stand and look at the shining water

It's a clean lake. I touch its surface with my hand

I see a small source and tell my companion about it

It's a huge ocean that disappears like an illusion

You're entering beautiful big house. What do you see here first?

A luxury furniture and decorations

Big dining table with people sitting at it

A close friend of mine

Something unusual and magical

You see a horse tied to a fence near the house. Describe it:

Calm and sweet

It's stroppy but I can handle it

It's easygoing and listens to me

It has wings

You took the horse went on an adventure. Suddenly, there's a wall in front you. What will you do?

It should end somewhere, so I'll try to get around

I'll ask for help

I'm on a horse, so I'll jump over

I'll find a breach or dig a tunnel under it

Now, you see a seagull. Describe it:

It's hovering and watching at this world

This seagull is a hunter

It hovers together with the chicks

It's a wonderful white bird that looks more like a swan


You've got a rare gift of perception that allows you to immediately understand the most difficult situations and solve the problems without any explanations. Your insights and determination helps to predict the possible outcomes. Keep trusting your intuition and it will lead you to right decisions! What about your friends? Share this test with them!


You have a natural gift for communication and socializing. People respect your ability to get in touch with others and unite people. Your mere presence helps people to work more productive and calm. You can create the right atmosphere, and it makes you a valuable member of any team and project! What about your friends? Share this test with them!


You've got a special gift of communication. Seems like you always know the right words to say when you want to express your feelings. People quickly realize that they start to like you. After all, shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Seems like you have an ability to help people and support them! What about your friends? Share this test with them!

Idea man

You're idea generator, mine of information and source of creativity with almost infinite potential. Keep staying in harmony with other people and never stop working on your dreams! In this case, nothing will be impossible for you. What about your friends? Share this test with them!