Am I Addicted to Sex? Take The Screening Test

Am I Addicted to Sex? Take The Screening Test
Sigmund Freud argued that sexual repression is the root cause of most thoughts and actions. Having a frank conversation about sex is prohibited in civilized society; a person might be called sexually deviant. Let's find out if you are haunted by sexual fantasies that prevent you from living a normal life!

Can you imagine your life without intimate relationships?

Do you have sex only when your partner wants it?

Yes, all the time

No, the desires of both is necessary

It's mostly me who initiate sex

Do you like wearing beautiful lingerie?

I don't care, no one sees it anyway

Depends on my mood

Oh yes, I feel way more confident

Do you like experimenting and trying new in sex?

See no sense in that

Yes, but to a certain extent

Yes, I want to try everything!

To what extent do porno magazines and video attract you?

Would you agree to go to a party involving suspicious activity, if you were invited?

Of course! Would be fun

No, I have other things to do

Only if invited by someone I trust

Could you have sex with an unknown person?


Unlikely. One chance in a million

I often do that

Are you excited by the thought of having a new sexual partner every day?

Yes, diversity is cool

No, I prefer monogamy

I'm not excited when thinking about sexual partners at all

Are you worried about thinking about sex way too often?

Yes, sometimes

I think a lot about it and see no problem here

No, I don't have such a problem

Does friendship between men and women exist?

Of course! I have plenty of friends of the opposite gender

I think it does. However, it's a rare thing

No. One of them is probably craving more

No addiction

According to your answers, you have no sexual addiction. Your thoughts are far away from it, and you don't see sexually related topics everywhere. On the contrary, you tend not to notice them at all, even when they are prominent. You might want to ponder about this situation. You're either indifferent to intimate relationship, or you have enough sex in your life. What about your friends? Share this test with them!

Normal sexuality

You have no problems with sexuality. You have an adequate attitude towards sex, can talk about it without being shy or emotional. This proves that your personal life and self-esteem are good! What about your friends? Share this test with them!

Excessive sexuality

According to your answers, you are kind of a sex addict. You see sexually related topics everywhere, even when there's no sign of them. It might become problematic sometimes, because you're too addicted to the topic of intimate relationship. What about your friends? Share this test with them!