Take an Obsessive Disorder Test

2019-08-02 16:53:09
Take an Obsessive Disorder Test
Obsessive compulsory disorder is a psychoneurological disorder manifested in the fixed thoughts and actions of a person. This can provoke further stress. Take the test and find out whether you have OCD.

You have certain rituals, for example, you always come to the mirror before leaving the house and if a ritual is not done you have the jeebies.

Assess your love for absolute order and cleanness.

Is it hard for you to make a spontaneous decision because of the fear to make a mistake?

I can be spontaneous

Depends on the situation

Yes, this is very hard for me

How do you look when someone offers you to give old clothes you don't need away?

Are you annoyed when someone is always late раздражает or jaywalk?

No, that's his/her business

Sometimes it can put me off my stride

It annoys me much

You're often haunted by obsessive thoughts

How many times during your vacation did you worry that you might forget to close your door?

Your thoughts don't let you live in peace

Are you a perfectionist?

Not likely!

Sometimes I want to make something perfectly

The sky's the limit

You have the strong and constant fear of a disease or disaster

Do you often think about the questions you have no answers to - brain bubble gum?

I don't tend to

Sometimes I catch myself on it

Yes, this is a usual case

Assess your love for all possible lists and points?

Does it seem to you that jokes are much like foolery?

No, I like to crack a joke

Depends on my mood

Yes, it's better to get busy

You're stubborn and aren't willing to give way

Your demanding on your close ones and colleagues does know no boundaries?

Yes, I'm a brinkman

Not on all of them

I didn't notice it

You have a strong nervous system!

It's unlikely that you suffer ODT. Your nervous and psychiatric health can be envied! Share the test result, which of your friends does want to check himself too? ;)

Perhaps, you're tired

Following your answers, some OBT symptoms are possible or maybe you're just tired or morally exhausted. You should take more care of yourself! If something really bothers you, the psychotherapist's consultation won't hurt. Share the test result, which of your friends does want to check himself too? ;)

Perhaps, you have some symptoms

If you experience anxious obsessive conditions, the psychotherapist's consultation can improve your state. Probably, you need a rest. Wish you good health and wellness! Share the test result, which of your friends does want to check himself too? ;)