Am I charismatic? Here is the test to find out!

Am I charismatic? Here is the test to find out!
Charisma helps us to attract attention, catch the eyes of people, and keep the person we talk to interested. This quality includes a whole set of unique traits that make amazing people remarkable, interesting, and charming. Let’s find out how charismatic you are!

Is it easy for you to change the opinion of your friends, if they don’t support your idea?

Yes. One meaningful look is enough

I usually have to prove that I’m right

No. I won’t even try

Would you like to make a public speech?

I’m sure that I’ll succeed!

I can, but I need a thorough preparation

All these public talks are not for me

How does the attention of people impact you?

I feel better, it gives me encouragement and motivation

I can’t focus if someone’s watching me

I’m immediately get lost and can’t do anything

Are there any moments when you doubt yourself and your abilities?

Rarely. I’m mostly confident in myself

Of course, like any other person

Quite often. I doubt that I can succeed

When talking to a person, can you look him in the eyes for a long time?

Yes. I always look only in the eyes

I can if it’s a personal conversation with a good friend

I always look aside or on the floor

When you dislike something, can you say it frankly?

Of course! How else are people supposed to know my opinion?

I’d try to be tactful

I’d try to hint, but won’t be insisting

When seeing a handsome guy in the crowd, what will you do?

I’ll come up to him to get acquainted. At least, make a compliment

I’ll be looking at him for a long time, so he would come up to me

I’ll be hoping that he would notice me himself

Do you set goals for the nearest month or a year?

Yes. It helps to reach them!

I make plans and set goals for upcoming week, no longer

No. I can’t decide what my goals are

Are you capable of listening to people?

No. I want them to listen to me

Yes, if I’m interested

I always listen to another person, even if the topic isn’t interesting. It’s just a matter of respect

What do you think when looking in the mirror?

A true star

You’re definitely posses a special charm that attracts others. They are ready to follow you until the edge of the world and support any idea of yours, even if they can’t sometimes explain what exactly has enchanted them. This is a great quality that you can and should use in your life! There’s a huge power in your charisma! What about your friends? Share this test with them!

An attractive personality

You are capable of attracting attention and enchanting people with your charm. However, you weren’t born with these traits. Your charisma is the result of a personal development and hard work, and there’s still room for growth. A bit more confidence and energy will turn you into a true star! What about your friends? Share this test with them!

A charming modesty

You’re quite modest, don’t wish to become a leader or attract attention of people. However, you have a tendency to empathy and compassion that enchant people too. It’s hard to say that you’re a charismatic person, but people are drawn to you because of your soft and peaceful energy. What about your friends? Share this test with them!