What type of memory do you have?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
What type of memory do you have?

To be able to memorize information fast and easy, you need to know what type of memory you have. Take this test to find this out and explore your hidden capacities!

What's your preferred way of communicating with people?

Email, messengers


Face to face

To rememeber a piece of information, you...

Take a textbook where you write down important things

Remember the sounds associated with that information

Remember what you were doing when you got that piece of information

When thinking about someone, you remember their...



Gestures, movements

When you're reading, you...

Imagining what's happening to the characters

Try to read aloud

Keep touching the pages

When you're learning how to do something, you...

Make frequent pauses

Prefer to do that with someone else

Try to do that yourself

You could take interest in:




When you can't remember the right word, you think about:

Its meaning

Its first letter


What is the best way to recall an enjoyable event?




When watching a movie, you're focusing on:


Soundtracks and translation


What is your perfect way of relaxing?

Reading a book or magazine

Listening to relaxing sea sounds

Getting a massage

What is it that you can't do without in your bedroom?

Beautiful interior design

Silence and alarm clock

Comfortable bed

To successfully pass an exam, you need to:

Take notes

Listen to the professor

Take a good luck charm to the exam

If someone asks you directions, you:

Show the place on the map

Explain to the person how to get there

Accompany the person, unless you're not in a hurry

Which sport do you prefer?

Artistic gymnastics



When looking at the person, you're focusin on:

Looks, gestures, smile

The way they speak


When at the museum or art gallery, you:

Examine the exhibits and try not to miss anything

Take a guided tour

Learn how the exhibits where created

Visual memory

You're good at memorizing things you see. To accelerate your memorizing process, use images, schemes, diagrams, etc. Write down the information you need to remember. With these simple tricks, you'll be able to memorize anything you need! Share your results on social media and find out whether your friends are also a visual type!

Auditory memory

You have an amazing ability to memorize sounds, voices, and intonations. It's like you have an audio recorder inside of you that records everything you hear and then reproduces it at any time you need. Good for you! Share this test with your friends and encourage them to find out their memory type! 

Kinesthetic type

You're an emotional and sensitive person. You memorize things that you can feel. For you, the best way to memorize something is to apply your knowledge in real life. Share this test result with your friends. We bet they'll want to find out their memory type, too!