Test For Lonely Men - Find out the reason of your loneliness and get rid of it

Test For Lonely Men - Find out the reason of your loneliness and get rid of it
"Why am I so lonely?" We often ask ourselves this question, when it seems there's not a single close person around. There can be numerous reasons for the feeling, but they are all rooted in psychology and behavior. This test is created to help you understand why you cannot start a relationship.

In your opinion, the perfect woman should be…

Beautiful, smart, stylish, funny. Should I go on?


Self-sustained and independent

Better than my ex

And you? How you do see yourself?

Well, I'm pretty good after all!

I'm young, well-to-do and handsome

A sad melancholic with nostalgia

Nothing out of the common, honestly speaking

What do you think about when you look at this picture?

This is a luxury I cannot afford

A great place for parties

Looks like a flat of my ex

That's not enough for me

Where you can be found on Friday evening?

At home, I rewatch old movies, read

Going from one party to the next

I sit with a friend in the kitchen and try to understand when my life made a wrong turn

I hang out at some fashionable place

What are the ingredients of the cocktail called Perfect Relationship?

A good-looking girl + fun + a little alcohol. Shaken, not stirred

A girl who pays me some attention + care + trust

A good-looking girl + my opinion as dominant + admiration

A nice girl + a little sorrow + warm memories

Why do you need someone?

To feel that someone loves me

Why, after all?

To be admired

To help me overcome obstacles

What your quality you consider the best strength?





How do you feel about long term relationships?

Assess your attractiveness on a scale from 1 to 5

Why were you unhappy in the previous relationship?

Because of everything, otherwise we wouldn't break up

I couldn't trust her

She stuck to guns too often

She treated our relationship too seriously

What can calm you down after a long business day?

Only having fun

A heart-to-heart conversation

A new cool shirt

A good old movie

Too low self-esteem

Failures in communication can lead to shaping low self-esteem. It starts developing when you're little and establishes in the juvenile age. All this results in insecurities, which hinder the development of communication. Often these uptight guys struggle to meet and build relations with girls. Low self-esteem prevents communication and insecurity in behavior pushes women away. There's a stereotype that the initiative of meetings and relations, as well as proposal should come from men.

Too high self-esteem

Too high self-esteem doesn't contribute to the development of a favorable relationship between people. What woman would like to be with a man who is opinionated in his views, considers himself better than others and expects only admiration and appreciation of his abilities and actions? Besides, he has too high demands placed on his ladies. Egoism is manifested in everything and there are a few women willing to deal with it.

The fear of losing freedom

When, at what age and why such a reverent attitude to his freedom does appear in men? You prefer the life of a single man, free, not burdened with duties and responsibility. You advocate free love. From time to time уou have the same free women but you don't want to start a long relationship with them. That's why you periodically experience the feeling of loneliness realizing you haven't a constant partner next to you.

The negative experience of the past relationship

Soul wounds leave deep scars on the heart and consciousness of men. Not everyone is able to heal them quickly. Many of them stop to believe in sincerity and power of feelings. They think there are no decent and reliable women, that modern ladies are so selfish that they're incapable of absolute love and follow only their material interests. However, that's totally wrong. It's important to leave the burden of your past relationships behind.