Quiz: Are You Actually A Good Person?

Quiz: Are You Actually A Good Person?
What are the qualities of a good person? Everyone has their personal definition of morality, good and bad. We've compiled some common good traits, find out if you have them here!

What do you feel when your friend tells about happy events in his life?

I’m sincerely happy for him

Wow, that’s cool! I wish I had the same

I feel angry because there’s no chance for me to get the same

What do you think about lie? Is is normal is lie?

I don’t really think about it. Everybody lies, so do I. This is life

Lying is bad. However, everyone has difficult situations

I try to avoid lying, because I feel guilty

Do you sometimes have a desire to revenge someone?

Revenge will only make the negative emotions growing

I might think about it. But in fact, I’m not capable of such things

I’ll gladly take the opportunity to revenge

Which phrase would you choose as your motto?

One for all, and all for one

Let’s all be friends

No good deed ever goes unpunished

Do you like when a person who you dislike is having problems?

How is that possible to be happy in such circumstances?

Depends on what happened. If it’s unimportant, I might be happy

Yes. Life’s getting better at once

You’re in a train. A person near you is traveling with a dog who’s barking and whining. What would you think?

Poor animal. Maybe, its owner needs help?

There should be a special coach for people like him

Please, please, let it stop!

What do you think about people around you?

I like to communicate with them!

Well, they are not bad

Everyone is awful

If you had a super power, how would you use it?

Only to help other people in need

I will help people and myself

In a purely egoistic way. I might earn money with its help

How often do you gossip?

Your friend complains about his unfortunate fate. Will you listen?

Yes. With all my attention

I will, however, my patience isn’t endless

I have no time for that

Better than perfect

It’s hard to imagine another person with such a nice and sweet character. You treat everyone with kindness, understand people; you are ready to forgive them for their mistakes and flaws. In addition, you are merciful toward people who show unworthy behavior. You are sincere and open when communicating with close friends and relatives, and it makes you a perfect companion and friend! What about your friends? Share this test to find out!

A kind soul

You have a sensitive person with a kind soul. You understand people and are ready to forgive them for their mistakes and flaws. However, you can’t tolerate the unworthy behavior. We can state that you are a good person. But if something worries or irritates you, you find it hard to be sweet and kind as usual. What about your friends? Share this test to find out!

Nobody’s perfect

You are a kind and sweet person but you hide these qualities somewhere deep inside yourself under a thick layer of sarcasm and cruelty. You don’t tolerate people’s behavior and aren’t ready to forgive them for their mistakes and flaws. Moreover, you can’t bear the situation when someone shows an unworthy behavior. You might be a good person, but it’s hard to be sensitive and open-minded every day. What about your friends? Share this test to find out!