Quiz: How Do You React To Constructive Criticism?

 Quiz: How Do You React To Constructive Criticism?
Criticism can be perceived as helpful or harmful, depending on who receives it and how it's worded. How do you use the opinions of others?

Your boss has scolded one of the employees in front of everyone? Was he right to do so?

No. He should have turned everything into a joke

He should have talked to him in private

Why not? It might be effective

In your opinion, is it good to criticize a boss?

I don’t think so. It ruins his authority

Yes, but cautiously

Of course! It’s a total must do

How often do you criticize yourself?

Are you capable of adequate self-evaluation?

There are so many people who can do that. I don’t even bother

I see some flaws, but can make excuses

Yes. I’m trying to see myself from aside

Are you trying to be mild or speak politely when expressing your opinion?

I think the more strict I am the more effective my words are

Depends on the person who I criticize

Yes, totally. One should never shoot from the hip

Do you pay attention to positive sides of someone when criticizing?

Yes. I try to

Only if I know that this person is very offensive

I don’t see any sense in that

Are you trying to limit the amount of criticism?

Yes. When I criticize, I focus on one thing only

I try to find a solid reason for my criticism

No. I just say whatever comes to my mind

Do you suggest any “points for growth” when criticizing?

Of course. I call it criticize-suggest rule

Yes, if I know how to act in this case

The main thing is to point to a problem. Everything else is not my business

What do you do when you hear someone criticizing you?

I need to think about it and give my answer

I’m very disappointed and don’t rush to reply

I immediately reply and make excuses

What do you feel toward a person who is criticizing you?

A sharp feeling of hatred

I’m angry if this criticism is not reasonable

I’m grateful for his remarks

Criticism is evil

You have a negative attitude toward criticism, because you don’t like when someone talks ill about you. However, when you begin criticizing people, you might go to far. You’re quite emotional in both cases, easily excited, might be angry or sharp. We recommend you to work on your moderation, stability and resilience. What do your friends think about criticism? Share this test with them to find out!

It’s bearable

You’re tolerable to criticism and consider it a vital part of a professional life. However, you don’t overestimate its efficiency. You are capable to control your emotions when sharing your opinion about someone or something and rarely lose your temper. Yet, you might feel offended sometimes, want to revenge your critics and make excuses for your mistakes and errors. What do your friends think about criticism? Share this test to find out!

Nothing personal

You have a practical attitude toward criticism, nothing personal. You are capable of taking it calmly and freely admit your mistakes with dignity and courage. When expressing your opinion, you never overreact, never try to make excuses or blame others. Your competence and expertise, your self-confidence help you to focus on the benefits of the things you do, not on people’s evaluations and opinions. What do your friends think about criticism? Share this test to find out!