What Food Am I? Personality Quiz

What Food Am I? Personality Quiz
Do you like adrenaline buzzes or unusual combinations? Sweet dreaminess or a tart smack of reality? You can get to know the person's character, features, and habits by their dietary preferences. Do you want to know what your life tastes like? Answer the questions!

What is your favorite dance?

What snack is more mouth-watering in your opinion?

Rice crisp bread

A tasty muffin

Nachos and salsa

Dried squids

What could be your hidden talent?

Working 24/7 and staying awake

Solving problems quickly

Bringing people tranquillity

Spending hours heart searching

Imagine you're in a teen movie. Choose the role:

A new timid kid in the class

The school's star

The one who is the most nervous

The school's smartest pupil

What words does describe you best





What can drive you wild faster?

Lazy people



Someone very indecisive

Do you like doing sports?

Of course, any will do

No, I’d better stay home

Yes, it disciplines

Hardly. I upset if I'm not good enough at something

Which of these phrases can rub you the wrong way?

You cannot do it

You do it wrong

I dare you...

Can't you think faster?

What mood do you usually have?

What cocktail you may like?

Mineral water + spinage + lemon juice

Chocolate+cacao+caramel syrup

White wine+champagne+ice


Greek salad

You are distinguished by commitment and persistence, always know what you want and get it in spite of everything. You have a strong character, which often dominates over people around - you're characterized by confidence in your rightness, which you want to prove everyone else. Someone may think that this approach is quite egoistic but these are just the leader's qualities, which make you a person sure of his strength. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see what result they'll have.

Steak Ribeye

You're a very active and self-confident person, blow through life like a natural disaster, knocking down everything and everyone in your path. Risky, rash acts are typical of you, which add to everyday life a little extreme and adrenaline. However, even if something goes wrong, it doesn't upset you at all since you just have no time for troubles and bad mood. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see what result they'll have.

Seafood pasta

Like any fish and seafood fan, you are a calm and hasteless person, you like considering your actions for a long time, never run a risk and don't do spontaneous things. It's necessary for you to analyze the situation weighing all pros and contras, seek advice even if the case is personal relations. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see what result they'll have.

New York cheesecake

Like any candy hound, you are a very sensitive and empathetic person. You can sit and deliberate a problem for hours going over all possible solutions in your head and not finding the right one. You're characterized by sentimentality and emotionality. Expressing feelings is a calm portion for you. Tell your friends about the quiz, let's see what result they'll have.