Liri Interpersonal Relationship Test

Liri Interpersonal Relationship Test
Communication is in everything we do. This test, designed by T. Liri, will help you determine your method of communication.

Other people has a good opinion of me

I make impression on people

I can manage, command

I can insist on my opinion

I have self-dignity

I am independent

I’m capable of taking care of myself

I can be indifferent

I can be severe

Strict but just

I can be sincere

I criticize people

I like to complain

I’m often sad

I’m capable of mistrust

I often get disappointed

I’m capable of criticizing myself

I’m capable to admit I was wrong

I eagerly obey

I can yield

I am grateful

I am admiring, prone to imitation


Seeking for approval

Capable of cooperating, mutual aid

I strive to get along with people

Friendly, kind

Attentive, affectionate



Responsive to calls for help


Authoritative type

You are known for your dictatorial, authoritative and despotic character. This is that type of personality that describes a leader in every team work. You like to teach people, to instruct them, to rely on your opinion only, are not able to accept the advice of other people. People notice your authoritative nature and accept it. What about your friends? Share this test to learn their type!

Egoistic type

You are that type of person who is trying to be above everyone and to be aside from people at the same time. You are known for your narcissistic, calculating, independent, self-loving nature. You prefer to pass the responsibility to other people and stay aloof. Moreover, boastful, complacence and arrogant are typical for your behavior. What about your friends? Share this link to learn their type!

Aggressive type

You are a tough and hostile person toward other people. You’re known for sharp, rigid and aggressive nature. Sometimes it leads to asocial behavior. When communicating with the others, you are demanding, straightforward and strict. What about your friends? Share the link to learn their type!

Suspicious type

You are like an alien in the hostile and evil world. You’re known for suspicious, vindictive and offensive nature. You prone to doubt everything. You constantly complain about everyone, you are dissatisfied with everything. There are many difficulties in communicating with others, it’s because of your self-doubt and fear of bad attitude. What about your friends? Share the link to learn their type!

Obeying type

You are a submissive, weak-willed person with the tendency to self-loathing, inclined to give in to everyone and in everything. You always put yourself in the last place. You tend to criticize and blame yourself. You’re also known for your passivity, the desire to find support of a stronger person. What about your friends? Share the link to learn their type!

Dependent type

You are a very insecure person. You have obsessive fears, anxiety, worries about anything. As a result, you are dependent on other people and their opinion. You are known for such traits as obedience, helplessness, lack of ability to show resistance. What about your friends? Share the link to learn more about them!

Friendly type

You are a person who is friendly and kind to everyone, focused on acceptance and social approval. You strive to meet the requirements of everyone and for the goals of small groups, wish to be good for each person without taking the situation into account, have developed mechanisms of repression and suppression, are emotionally labile and mobile. What about your friends? Share the link to learn their type!

Altruistic type

You are a hyper-responsible person who always sacrifices his interests. You strive to help everyone and be sympathetic, Sometimes your help might be a bit obsessive, especially if you are way too active in offering it. You are also known for taking responsibility for other people. What about your friends? Share the link to learn more about them!