Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Characters of the Harry Potter saga are thoroughly described in the books, each corresponding to a certain hero type. Find out which hero you are here!

You were offered to invest in a risky project that can bring you millions or fail. What would you say?

I’d agree without thinking

I’d agree if the project didn’t involve something unrealistic

I’d think and weight all pros and cons first

I don’t think I’d take this risk

What do you feel when you have to spend time alone?

Would you be able to become the best orator if you were giving a public speech?

Of course! It’s my gift!

I think that I could. At least, I do it well

Perhaps. If the topic is interesting

No way. It’s not for me

Is it difficult for you to restrain from thoughtless actions?

Nothing can stop me if I have a desire

It’s difficult but possible

Sound reasoning will be enough

I will never do anything thoughtless!

If something bad happened in the morning, how would you feel for the rest of the day?

I’d be angry, but forget it quickly

I’m not sure I would even pay attention

The mood is ruined for the rest of the day

Well, I guess the whole week is doomed

How do you usually behave in a company of people?

I talk a lot, suggest different ideas

Make jokes to cheer people up

I politely talk to everyone

I try to avoid attention and blend with the crowd

Can you say that you’re an impulsive person?

Do you like the idea of becoming a boss?

I dream of fame and power

It would be great

I will be good at it, yet I have no strive for power

No. Way too much responsibility

How often do you think about past?

Are you capable of focusing on one thing for a long time?

No. My thoughts are racing, and I get distracted

I can, but not for long

I’m capable of devoting a lot of time to something interesting

My patience is endless, I’m very good at monotonous work

Fred and George Weasley – sanguine

People with sanguine personality type are resilient adventurers, who are always ready to create something unusual. They face all the challenges with a smile and optimism, never get disappointed because of unimportant events and never get depressed. Fred and George were always fighting against the apathy of people and able to create a pleasant atmosphere with their jokes and tricks. What Harry Potter characters do your friends remind? Share this link to find out!

Albus Dumbledore – phlegmatic

People with phlegmatic personality type are capable to keep calm in any situation. They are the epitome of self-possession. Such people are able to save the situation when everything is out of control. Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and his nature remind you. He’s capable of calming people down, make right decisions and irradiate the serenity. What Harry Potter characters do your friends remind? Share this link to find out!

Harry Potter – choleric

People with choleric personality type are hot-tempered and ready to do anything to achieve their goal. They are ready to implement any idea, to get the ball rolling. Harry, for example, rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions and prefer to be in the thick of things. You’re just the same! What Harry Potter character do your friends remind? Share this link to find out!

Moaning Myrtle – melancholic

People with melancholic personality type are always a bit sad, frightened and seem to be offended by the entire world. However, they are the most sensitive and understanding friends who help others to sort themselves out. Moaning Myrtle is a perfect example of a melancholic type. The history proves that she is also capable to offer a helping hand in a difficult situation. What Harry Potter characters do your friends remind? Share this test to find out!