Can You Pass This Survival Quiz?

Can You Pass This Survival Quiz?
What if you were in the jungle alone? Doesn't sound like a pleasant experience, huh? You have to be fast and determined! Let's find out your chances of survival in the wilderness!

Well, seems like you ended up on a tropical island! Looks like there's no one else here, except for you and your despair. What will do you?

Try to find a high place: it should be dry and protected from wild animals. A camp located on high places is easier to notice from above. Another advantage: you get a better observation point.

Morning is the best counselor. I'll spend the night on the beach

I'll wander a bit. What if someone else is here?

I'll go to find a suitable place for my camp

In the morning you wake up and feel thirsty. What will you do?

Choose a tree with its leaves on the sunny side. Wrap a plastic bag around the leaves. The water will evaporate and stay on the bag's surface. Collect rainwater: from grass, moss and leaves.

I'm on the island! Water is around me

I'll take ocean water and boil it

I'll try to find the natural sources of water: condensate or rainwater would do

It's lunch time! You're so lucky to find some berries near your camp. What will you do?

Look for berries, fruits, roots, cereals, nuts, acorns, mushrooms, seaweeds and edible plants. Think about nourishment while you have strength.

I'll eat a couple of them and wait. If nothing happens, they are safe to eat

I'll go looking for the food I know

I don't think a handful of berries can kill me! Time to eat!

I'll taste one berries with the tip of the tongue. If nothing happens, they are edible

While you're exploring the island, a heat wave comes. What will you do?

Save water, hide in the shadow and don't panic. Use a piece of cloth to make bandana and protect your head from the sun. Heatstroke is the 2nd leading cause of death after dehydration.


Pour the water I have on my head. It will help to refresh

I'll take off my clothes. It's too hot to be dressed

The most important thing is to protect my head from the sun and save water

Suddenly, you find yourself trapped in a muddy swamp. It seems to slowly dragging you down

In such a difficult situation you don't have any basic tools or weapons. Try to find useful things that might help you. Sticks, tree snags, etc. Any movement in a swamp is a way to the bottom.

Well, I'm a great swimmer! I'll swim front crawl and reach the land!

I'll lay on my back and will be slowly moving towards land

I'll freeze and look around. There should be something to help me reach the land

You've got a lot of waste left after lunch. Where to put it?

Inedible parts, bones and waste shouldn't be scattered. Collect it and bury somewhere far away from your camp. It will save you from wild and dangerous animals who are attracted by the smell.

Somewhere nearby. I'll get rid of it later

I'll check if I can still use some of the things. The rest will be buried

Scatter it around the island

Finding food is only half the battle. What will you do with loneliness?

It's better to write down everything what's happening. This habit can help you to understand the current situation and time better.

I'll be writing letters to my family, keeping a diary with my daily experience

Oh, it's time to remember my long-forgotten imaginary friend

I'll be relaxing. Finally, no one is bothering me

You were exploring the island and found a new path. The branches of trees and bushes are lower and lower, as you follow this path. It's a bit creepy. What do you think it means?

You probably don't have any weapons. It's better to avoid unnecessary risks and turn back. You won't stand a chance against wild animals. In general, try to avoid exploring unknown territories.

There's a river nearby. I can say goodbye to rainwater

I'd rather turn back while I can. Don't want to meet a boar or something

Wow, the climate must be good here! The trees are growing fast! It doesn't creepy at all

You come back to your camp and notice footprints on the sand. What is your first thought?

The first thing to do is to find out who might have left those footprints. Even if there's another human being on the island, he might not be happy to meet you. Caution comes first!

I take a handmade spear or a stick and start looking for my guest

I'm moving out!

Woo-hoo, I'm not alone! I should scream to attract their attention

What's the best place to spend the night?

Stay away from water sources: they attract animals and insects. Don't sleep on the ground or grass: you might catch cold. Make a warm bed using logs or leaves.

On the ground. Simple and fast

Next to water source. It's convenient

I'll use leaves to make myself a bed

Zero chance

Your only way to the island is an all-inclusive tour where you stay at the 5-stars hotel. It's your only chance to survive. Even if you find a hiding place out of wild animals reach, you might end up having heatstroke or dehydration. We recommend you to read Robinson Crusoe to get a better knowledge about life in the wilderness. What about your friends? Share this test with them!

You have chances to survive

Feels like a long time ago you were reading Robinson Crusoe or other adventure books. You've got certain knowledge from them, like: never drink salty water or enter the woods without weapons. You have a chance to survive in the wilderness! What about your friends? Share this test with them!


Apparently, Robinson Crusoe and other adventure books were your Bibles. You know how to get drinking water and scare wild animals off. You will survive in the wilderness and save other people as well! Ever thought of joining a rescue team? You'll be good at it! What about your friends? Share this test with them!