Quiz: Why Do I Not Have Any Friends?

Quiz: Why Do I Not Have Any Friends?
Everyone needs to have someone who will listen and offer advice, but some don't have a true friend in their lives. Take our quiz to find out why you don't have friends.

You're going on public transport. With what face expression and intonation do you pass the money for riding?

I try to politely ask people to pass the money


It depends on my mood

You get cold and have no medicines at home. Who will you address for help?



No one

What are the odds that you'll start talking with a fellow traveler on the train?

Your colleague has gotten into a mess and tells you and other workfellows about it. How do you react to his story?

I'll attentively listen to and give advice

I'll advise if I'm asked to

I'll try to steal away

You're invited to camping where both old and new faces will be. Your reaction:

How does the house of your dreams look like?

It's a hard day today. You are coming home dragging your feet. Suddenly, a car stops with an attractive driver behind the wheel. He/she offers to give you a lift. Will you agree?

If a colleague asks you to borrow a small sum of money till payday, will you do it?

Yes, it could happen to me

I'll borrow but wonder whether he/she will pay me back

No way!

It's your birthday. What gifts do you expect?


Attention is the main thing

I'm not going to celebrate so I don't expect anything

People around trust you

You're an introvert

Most probably, you are an introvert, that's why you're alone in life. You don't want people around get into your life. They feel it, that's why they avoid closeness. If you want to make a change, try to pay attention to colleagues, neighbors, someone you know. Get to know about their health, congratulate on birthday, ask them about life, then people will flock to you. Do you like the quiz? Make sure to share it on social media!

You're an indifferent person

You're an indifferent person: if you are asked - you answer, if you are told - you listen to, that's why it is not interesting to deal with you, let alone be friends. Recall what the woman you know told you yesterday, what feelings she had. Hard? And friendship is not only a joint pastime. Friendship is listening and understanding, being around when a friend needs you. Are you ready for this? Then, try to change yourself, pay a little bit more attention to people. Do you like the quiz? Make sure to share it on social media!

You're an egoist

You're an egoist who listens to and hears only himself. You're the hub of the universe, around which other people with their problems and cares revolve. No, no one disputes that you'll come to help, but only to prove how much perfect you are. You're an insincere, clingy, and tactless person, that's why no one wants to be your friend. Try to think about someone else at least sometimes and then a person who will become your close and reliable buddy will appear. Do you like the quiz? Make sure to share it on social media!