Are you an Effective Communicator Quiz

Are you an Effective Communicator Quiz
No matter what your life experience is, there always might be situations when you feel lost and have no idea what to do. Are you able to communicate with people in a way that avoids conflicts and misunderstandings? A wise conversationalist can prevent a huge amount of problems and complications. This test can help to rate your communication skills.

You have lost in a new town. Map and navigator can’t help you to find the route. What will you do?

I’ll try to find the route myself. Otherwise, it would be even worse

I’ll find the most attractive person in the crowd and ask for help

The first person I will meet on my way will experience the whole power of my despair and fear

You’re applying for a new job. However, you don’t like your potential boss. What will you do?

How am I going to work with a person I don’t like? I’d better quit!

I’ll do anything I can to hide my attitude

I’ll be politely talking to him. It’s not like we are going to meet every day

You’re entering the bus. There’s only one empty seat left. It’s next to a stranger. What will you do?

I’ll keep standing. I don’t want to be involved into a chit-chat

I’ll sit down next to him, if he looks normal

I’ll sit down. Why should I stand if there’s an empty seat? We might even talk

How easy is it for you to get new friends?

Will you be getting acquainted with you fellow travelers in a plane, or bus, etc?

No way. I’m going to have a rest, not chatting with strangers

I might. However, I won’t be initiating conversation

Of course! A good chat will make the time pass faster

What do you feel if you need to do a public speech?

What will you do, when you’re worried about any situation?

I’ll sit in silence and ponder the question

I’ll share my concerns with family or friends

I’ll be having fun in order to forget about my worries

Do you believe that parents and kids find it hard to understand each other?

Yes, because mine never understood me

No, if both sides are ready to compromise

I see no problem here. My folks are just like my friends

Your friends has borrowed money from you a couple of months ago. He didn’t bother to give it back yet. What will you do?

Nothing. What else could I expect from such a person?

I’ll politely remind him about it

I’ll demand to give my money back

Imagine that you are standing at the very end of a long line. How to entertain yourself while waiting?

I’ll read something

I’ll look around. There might be someone willing to chat

I’ll start chatting with people who are near me

Too much modesty

Judging by your answers, we can call you a closed and unsociable person. Even in those cases, when communication is necessary you will find a way to avoid talking to people. Moreover, you can find a ton of arguments to explain your behavior. However, when you deprive yourself from communicating, you set so many limitations! A lack of communication may turn you into a closed person, and people may consider you a recluse. Try to be more open with the others! What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Well-developed communication skills

You love to communicate with people, however, you carefully choose the person you want to talk to. You feel it important that this person should share your interests, ideas and judgements. That’s a great trait! You don’t waste time on gossiping or on meaningless conversations. You prefer to communicate with people who attract you. Well, keep going! What about your friends? Share this test to find out!

Chatterbox entered chat

You’re extremely sociable person, however, it might turn into talkativeness sometimes. You often waste your time on idle talks, just because you don’t like to be alone. On one hand, it’s good that you are always surrounded by people you can talk to. Yet, on the other hand, your time and strength might be of higher value than a meaningless talk. Try to be more selective when it comes to communication and get only pleasure from it! What about your friends? Share this test with them to find out!