Perfect wedding dress for your body type

2019-10-20 03:29:01
Perfect wedding dress for your body type

Since childhood, every girl dreams of a prince charming, the most gorgeous wedding dress, and a white bridal veil. The wedding organization is delegated to specialists but finding the right wedding dress is the most responsible mission for a bride, because only she can make the correct choice of a model. Today, there are numerous styles in stores. You can figure them out if you know your body type.

Which of these is typical of your figure?

Narrow shoulders

Plump, sloping shoulders

A nearly invisible difference between shoulders, waist and hips

Wide shoulders

Shoulders, breast and hips are almost of the same size

Let's talk about the skirt you need. Which of these is about you?

A thin waist and wide hips

A plump waist but narrow hips

There's no much difference between the size of the waist and hips

A big waist, narrow hips

A wasp waist, big hips

Whose style do you like the most?

What do you like about your figure?

It's very feminine thanks to a thin waist

Slender legs

A slim figure with minimal curves

A trim figure and long legs

A wasp waist

What do you dislike about your figure?

I tend to gain excessive inches on the hips

I tend to gain excessive inches on the waist

The lack of beautiful curves

Too athletic look

I like everything

How do you usually wear?

I try to do justice to shoulders and breast

I often wear a belt to emphasize my waist

I try to create volume in the hips area

I attract attention to the hips and hide shoulders

I try to do justice to breast and waist

What is your body type?

Finish the phrase, "I think, I look good in … dress".

Strapless but with a wafting skirt

Deep V-neck and laces

Drapes, decorations, and bright details

Simple and conservative but with a long and beautiful skirt

A fitted, tight model

A Straight Silhouette Dress

The silhouette of this type is also called "scissors" because the outfit for a bride made in this style fits the figure tightly, doing justice to all the curves of the body. A straight silhouette dress looks original but thanks to many ways of modeling you can improve it endlessly. A bride in this dress will be graceful, elegant, and simultaneously sexy. Pay attention to the straight silhouette cut without straps made from a natural fabric emphasizing the body lines (silk, organza, etc.). Tell your gals about this quiz. Let help them to choose the perfect dress!

A midi-dress with a bouffant skirt

The midi length is universal, that's why it fits everyone, doesn't emphasize the wrong places of the body and makes the bride's look very feminine and tempting. Brides who decided to make a vintage wedding choose the wedding dresses of this cut. An outfit with a tight bra and a bouffant skirt is associated with the 60s when absolute femininity was in fashion. A bride in such a dress looks like a heroine of an old Hollywood movie. Tell your gals about this quiz. Let help them to choose the perfect dress!

A poofy A-line wedding dress

When choosing a wedding outfit, you should forget about trapeze skirts, a tight bottom and get your top and bottom friends. The perfect option is an A-line model with an emphasis on the waist, which smoothes the proportion of the upper and lower part of the figure. A bride in a high-waist dress will look magnificent. A strapless model with a wafting skirt perfectly balances a fragile top and a heavy bottom. Tell your gals about this quiz. Let help them to choose the perfect dress!

A straight cut dress

A wedding dress of this cut will fit the figure tightly, revealing every curve. When choosing the straight cut, you can experiment with the line of decollete, backless, sleeves; there can be a slit skirt. The bride will look glamourous and simultaneously cocky in an off-the-shoulder outfit in combination with a high hairdo revealing the neck. In this case, attention should be paid to jewelry. An organza fountain veil will be a great addition to this wedding outfit. Tell your gals about this quiz. Let help them to choose the perfect dress!

A mermaid dress with a train

The Mermaid wedding dress fits almost all brides. The owners of long, slender legs can emphasize their beauty thanks to a long train. Brides that could not boast a tall height should choose models with a skirt starting below the knees, due to which a required visuall effect will appear. The poofy train will do justice to a thin waist and help to create a princess' look. Tell your gals about this quiz. Let help them to choose the perfect dress!