What Type Of Snake Are You?

What Type Of Snake Are You?
It's believed that snakes are slick and unpleasant creatures, which bring only evil and terrify people. Fairytales, legends, and chilling myths are written about these creatures, but the real-life versions are unique and fascinating. Just a few questions and you'll know whether people around you should be afraid of you!

Imagine one of your friends forgot to wish you happy b-day. What's your reaction?

Forgetting about my birthday is a dead frost. He's in trouble

I'll take offense

It's over, we'll never be friends. I'll forget the name of this person after I raise the roof

Everything happens. You never know, maybe he was busy or something happened

Your friend is 20 minutes late. What's waiting for him?

Not what but who! Me!

He'll never see me again

My displeased face and a 30-minutes rant

I'll agree on another meeting with him and won't come

What are the things you cannot stand?

Nasty weather

Standing is not about me

I can stand almost anything

When someone gets pretty brazen

When you're in a bad temper, what can help you?

Nothing can help me

If someone strictly says, Calm down!

Heart-to-heart conversation

Time alone

Last month you borrowed a person you know borrowed money, but he didn't pay back. Now he goes borrowing again. What are the chances you'll help him put?

What superpower do you lack?

Moving things with eyes

Reading thoughts

Treat other people

Change weather

You and one of your friends have the same crush. What will you do?

Make a competition and earn attention

I'll sort things out with both of them

I'd wish them happiness

I'll trick him

The boss hasn't raised your salary for a long time. What's your action plan?

I'll come to his office - I'll yell and stick to guns

I'll give him an intimidating look until he understands everything

I'll start with talks, but if it won't help, watch out everybody!

I'll just keep working, he'll see that I take pains

You usually don't care what other people think

What qualities do you want to get rid of?

emotional instability


short temper


You with friends come to a pub. What will you order?

An unusual cocktail

Whiskey with ice

Something well-known. For example, Long Island

Orange juice

King cobra

King cobra is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Their bites are incredibly dangerous, and appearance strikes fear into the heart. It will never attack until it feels a threat. Besides, it is very enduring and can do without food for a long time. You can't stand conflict situations and easily blow up as it does. You are like the cobra not to be messed with. Be quick to tell your friends about your results, let everybody know they should be afraid of you!


Viper is not the scariest snake, its bite rarely leads to a lethal outcome. However, it can become the reason for serious health issues, for example, faintness. That's why although it's no big deal it's better not to drive it mad. Besides, this snake likes the sun a lot and rarely hides remaining in the clear sight. Be quick to tell your friends about your results, let everybody know they should be afraid of you!

Egyptian asp

Asp is a huge and very beautiful snake, however, it has a contentious temper. It's very aggressive, the cases of their absolutely reasonless attacks on people are even known. Asp feels more relaxed only if it understands that its rival is much stronger. You're similar in this context. You also quickly lose your temper and look for someone who could manage your temper. Be quick to tell your friends about your results, let everybody know they should be afraid of you!

Water snake

Water snake is not a venomous snake and there's no point of being afraid of it. There are many successful cases of taming water snakes. It bears the lack of freedom well. Some caring owners even have water snakes as pets. Here you're similar - aggression is not typical of you either. You like calm, deliberate relationships where there's no place for anger and rudeness. Be quick to tell your friends about your results, let everybody know they shouldn't be afraid of you!