Zombie Apocalypse Quiz: How Long Would You Survive?

Zombie Apocalypse Quiz: How Long Would You Survive?
Zombie Invasion! You need to be keen-witted, quick, and cold-hearted. Let's check whether you'll escape death or turn into the walking dead during a zombie apocalypse.

You wake up in the morning and find out that zombies attack people. What will you do first?

I'll barricade the door, close all windows and pile pieces of furniture against them

I'll start taking pictures because it can't be, otherwise, no one would believe me!

I'll quickly sneak outside, provide myself with food and wait at home

After some time it turns out you need immediately leave your house. What will you take?

Money, jewels, and expensive gadgets

Weapons. Money and clothes won't help me

Supplies of water and food

How do you think are you able to drink raw, dirty water? For example, from the toilet bowl or a puddle? And to eat raw food?

You've gathered everything you need and are about to go outside. Suddenly, you see a bitten girl you know in the peephole. She tries to break into your house. Your actions?

I cannot do her harm since we know each other. I'll try to go outside through the balcony

If I have a gun, I'll shoot in her head

I'll open the door, throw a blanket on her and set her afire. I don't need this house anymore

How well do you orient outside and in unknown regions on a scale from 1 to 10?

You're driving a car and a group of zombies starts attacking you. You need to move or you'll die. What will you do?

I'll blast past them at a high speed knocking down everyone in my path

I'll get out of the car and start shooting them from a shotgun

I'll shut myself in the car and wait until they leave me

You're shooting a zombie. What's your target?

The heart

The head


What grade did you have in gym class?

Your friend died a glorious death because of zombies' bites. What to do with his body?

Let it lie

To bury him at the nearby improvised cemetery with honors and fireworks

To burn

You driving a car and notice two persons on the road - not zombies for sure. Will you help them?

I'll pick them up and put off somewhere outside the city

Certainly not! I would be crazy if I pick potential murderers up

Definitely, the number of people decreases, we should stick together

What will you do if you're infected?

I would kill myself

I would search for a cure

I would keep going as usual

You're dead

You won't know it but zombies are already devouring you. They decided not to turn you into one of them because you had been escaping them for a long time. The Walking dead decided to revenge cruelly and mercilessly. They are likely pleasant now that they've had a heavy dinner. And this epidemic world doesn't need you anymore. Share the quiz on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.

You're one of them

The only thing that can calm you down is that you did it right all the time but at one point panicked and went the wrong way. Now you're lying in your shelter alone and understand with healthy pieces of the brain that there's no way back. Your cells mutate and die turning you into a pitiless monster. Share the quiz on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.

You'll survive

It's amazing that you're still alive! As if you've studied the art of fighting zombies all your life and think several moves ahead in the case of... this case! You're hiding in your modest shelter with the same poor but living and thinking people, now you need to stick together. Share the quiz on social media - let's see how your friends pull it through.