Quiz: What Stops You From Achieving Your Goals?

Quiz: What Stops You From Achieving Your Goals?
Working hard but it feels like. your goals are still far away? Take our quiz and find out what's standing in your way!

What is a statement you agree with?

Something will go wrong for sure

Doubt everything

True happiness is never gained at the expense of others

You need to take an important exam tomorrow, but suddenly your body temperature goes up in the night . What will you do?

I’ll immediately call a doctor for home visit – you can’t risk your health in no event

I’ll wait until the morning and make a decision depending on how well I’ll feel

I’ll take an antipyretic, have sleep out and go for the exam

I often dream about far off countries.

This is a waste of time. You need to think about real things

Quite rarely, but if I seriously turn on the heat, I’ll spend a lot of time planning a travel

Yes, I like to meet new people and cultures

It is easy for you to change your opionion in a dispute?



If the other person’s opinion is convincing

Considering a new project, what do you first and foremost pay attention to?

To difficulties, which can emerge in the working process

To each detail: a new innovation requires mature reflection

To my profit: for example, whether the management will compliment me

If people around me sceptically treat my ideas, I...

I don’t share my ideas with anyone – to make them not to put the evil eye on them

I'll consider everything once again

I'll refuse from what I planned

Are you confident in your strengths?

No, I often have doubts

Depending on an area

Of course

What people do you admire?

Who could find fulfillment and reach success in any fields of life

Who always know what they want

Who can stay calm in any situations

I feel stress when...

I need to make an important decision my future depends on

I have to leave for a city I never been in

I need to speak in front of many people

What describes you best?

I always worry in advance that I won’t be able to execute a piece of work in time

I always worry in advance that I won’t be able to execute a piece of work in time

It's important for me what other people think

You decided to make a surprise for your friend's birthday. Your actions?

I’ll start preparing a month before at least

I’ll choose between several birthday cakes, a venue and a gift for a long time

I’ll create a group chat with all people involved where we’ll discuss all details

I usually spend a lot of time on...

vacation planning

choosing clothes

social media

What person you are according to your friends?



Sociable and open

Looking for worse stops you from meeting goals

Yo often fume over trifles and anxiously look to the future. Even if everything goes well, you start working yourself up and waiting for a stumbling-block. To make it right you plan all steps and try to rule out all risks. And only when you're sure that you took everything into consideration, you relax for a little. Remember that you cannot make provision for everything, that's why try to take things easier and even sometimes make spontaneous decisions.  Share this quiz on social media: let's see how your friends will pull it off.

Doubts stop you from meeting goals

You always feel a panic attack, if you need to make your choice. And this is about not only important aspects of life: even in the store you cannot decide a long time which yoghurt to take - a berry or a fruit one. Doubts mainly stop you from fulfillment in the professional field. However, it's not that bad: thanks to your character traits you learned how to carefully analyze situations and eventually make right decisions. Share this quiz on social media: let's see how your friends will pull it off.

The desire to follow the crowd stops you from meeting goals

Lack of self-confidence always makes you look for approval in other people. You spend a lot of time on social media and keeping up with recent fashion trends. You don't want to be worse than others and often buy things that other people have. It's time to stop and understand what you need. Yes, in the beginning it will be hard. But soon you'll see that it will give your life a fresh coat of paint. Share this quiz on social media: let's see how your friends will pull it off.