Quiz: What Do People Think About Me?

Quiz: What Do People Think About Me?
First impressions can last a lifetime, and each detail is important - from your smile to untied shoelaces. It can be impossible to read another person’s attitude toward you, but our relationships and self-esteem are intertwined with impressions. Instead of spending your time wondering, or asking everyone what they think of you, take this quiz and find out the truth!

Where do you usually stand in a group photo?

There behind that tall guy. Do you see me? No? Ok...

I stand somewhere in the middle smiling

I stand in the very middle, everybody hugs me

Group photo? Do I look like I’ve nothing to do?

What movie will you watch this weekend?

Some classical one

Something historical

In the morning you wake up thinking...

I need to hurry up, I have lots to do today

New day - new fun

Cat, go away from my bed

Once again I have to go to somewhere, see that stupid people

Your favourite drink is...

Some awesome cocktail

Just water


Energy drink

What do you think awaits you in the future?

I believe something good

Studies, job, home, dog

Some super fun

Something very interesting is in store for me

When talking you...

Cry, wave my arms, squat, do push-ups

Speak calmly without excessive emotions

Raise the eyebrows

Always smile

Do you like to be in the limelight?

Yes, of course! More attention!

No, I don't feel comfortable

Well, sometimes

If only everybody is listening to me

Choose what you will wear on date

Let them think that I’m a smart and serious person

You always need to look gorgeous. Let them envy me

Some rock doesn't hurt

Simple and comfortable

What is your common mood?

I always feel positive!

It's ok, that will do

Everything's fine

Everybody annoys me

Is it easy for you to forgive people?

Yes, no problems

Usually it is me who asks for pardon, because I always screw it up

Well, Ishould think about it

They don't deserve it

Your friends invite you to a night club today. Your reaction?

Yeah, I'm taking a taxi

Noooo, I have lots to do tomorrow.

Ok, I'm in

I don't know, it depends who invite me

I like like when people consider me...

A charming person

A light-hearted person

A smart person

A serious person

When your parents are talking about your childhood, they say...

I'm the most sociable child at the playground

I'm a very calm child

I had no friends

I was always fighting


It is no secret that charismatic people easily establish contacts with others, get on with them, build positive relationships. Your ease, naturality and seeming openness along with ingenuous smile always make you likeable for another person. It can be said that your charm supposes success in all areas related to communication with people, that's why you haven't and cannot have problems when you first meet people. However, this impression can be fairly deceptive, so tell your friends about your result and find out if they agree with it!

Smart cookie

You're a person who talking to people revolves around one topic for long, and who is perceived as a very smart, sometimes even dullish person when doing business or during first talk. However, besides negative sides, this drawback has positive ones. Once people get closer to you, it appears that you always get things all the way to the end, doing it painstakingly, thoughtfully, in a responsible manner; in conversation, you come to point and solution of the problem, find out answers to all issues of interest. However, this impression can be fairly deceptive, so tell your friends about your result and find out if they agree with it!


You're a vivid representative of vivacity, liveliness, and dexterity. That adds some pushiness, promptitude, and mischief, and your psychological portrait is ready. We may add some finishing touches: you're full of vinegar, daring, spirited, without insecurities - here's the set. Thanks to your sociability the reaction when people first meet you is almost always positive. You make people smile and feel happy.  However, upon further communication, you may show obtrusiveness and excessive energy. So, tell your friends about your result and find out if they agree with it!

Looking down on people

Arrogance as a personality trait  – the ability to create false impression of your significance by means of distance from any affection, chillness and inaccessibility in relationships. In other words, when people first meet you, you make an impression of an important person detached from possible encounters. Probably, this is only a mask, and in personal conversations you express feelings and emotions, revealing your individuality and distinctive character. So, the first impression can be fairly deceptive, so tell your friends about your result and find out if they agree with it!