What dog breed are you?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
What dog breed are you?

Are you already accustomed to the fact that you are a two-legged and sometimes even rational creature? Brace up your imagination. Imagine that you are a dog. You wag your tail, look at your owner loyally, bark at others, and hate cats.
Now answer the questions and find out, what dog breed you are.

What do you usually do at parties?

I have a ball attracting everyone's attention

I have fun in a company of 1-2 friends

I get bored and look for a reason to leave

Do you usually look into people's eyes?

If it's my fault I don't

Only as regards those people whom I would trust

Of course, I always look into everyone's eyes

In my free time I like to ...

Go to sporting events

Spend time with close friends

Learn something new

A stranger molests your friend. What will you do?

I will continue to go about my business

I will not interfere until my friend asks me

I will go to my friend and help him

Are you afraid of the darkness?


It happens when I hear suspicious sounds


I like the most ..




What is your body type?

I have a common body type

I'm inclined to fat

I'm covered with muscles

What would the name of your memories be?

Live in chaos

Happiness in details

How to run head against a wall

Choose a color:




Which irritates you most of all?

When they steal food from my plate

When they don't leave me to sleep

When they offend my family members

What is the quality that you appreciate in people most of all?




Choose a place where you would like to live:

What games did you like to play when you were a child?

Any games with a ball

Table-top games


You are a small and active dog

While other people are bored and don't know what to do, you don't have that problem at all. You have no free time. You need to go to work/training, finish a book, go to a workshop, meet friends or buy a gift for your mother... You are one of those dogs who splash energy and constantly keep their owners bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, and Miniature Schnauzer. Share this test with your friends in social networks and learn their results!

You are a big and good-natured dog

You are a very good and positive person, who appreciates in other people such features as devotion, calmness, self-control, and capability not to concentrate on bad things. You are definitely one of those dogs, whom parents entrust their children - a Golden Retriever, St. Bernard, and Newfoundland. Despite your size you will never offend a rabbit. Therefore, people like you so much. Share this test with your friends in social networks and learn their results!

You are a guard dog

You are a hardy person. You read people easily and see a threat. You have a cold mind and assess any situation quickly. And you learn a lot and enjoy grasping everything in a single flash. You are definitely one of those dogs, whom people entrust to protect their lives and property - Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Doberman. A man like you, anyone would follow into a combat blindfolded! Share this test with your friends in social networks and learn their results!