Which Dog Breed Reflects Your Personality?

Which Dog Breed Reflects Your Personality?

Everyone knows that dogs are a reflection of their owners. Each of them has its own character, traits, and features. Some are timid, while others cannot sit for a minute quietly; some are friendly, merry, always wagging their tail and with a happy smile on their muzzle, while others prefer solitude and a soft couch in the evening. Do you have a four-footed friend? Take this test and find out what dog breed suits you most and what breed to stay away from.

Do you have many friends?

What a question? I can't even count them!

Yes, quite a lot

Just a couple (or one), but the closest ones

Well, a couple

Imagine someone stepped on your foot while in the bus. What would you do?

What does it matter? Never mind! I would smile or joke

I’d give a black look to a person who did it. Let him know that I don’t feel good about it

Oh, it’s better to run away for him. Otherwise, he’ll get hurt

I’d accept an apology and quietly get out of the way

It's you birthday! What do you want as a gift?

A big noisy party!

Something useful

Well, since it’s a celebration, one could prepare a good gift. Especially for me! Something big, expensive and beautiful

I don’t need anything. The main thing is attention

You come to a party, but there is a host of unknown people. How do you feel about it?

Super! It means I’ll meet new people

I’ll try to find someone I know and ask for his help

Well and good. They aren’t familiar with me – that’s their loss. I’ll stand and wait until someone comes to me

I don’t come to such parties at all

Where would you like to live?

A vivid megalopolis

The main thing is coziness

A large country house. Two bathrooms, five bedrooms, a dining room and a private office

Minimalism is all about me

Would you give gifts without cause?

I do it all the time. Surprise!

If only something really good occurs to me

No way! I do not always bring gifts even on holidays

What if I couldn’t hit the mark... or something else. I don’t like surprises, they bring only troubles

You're at the restaurant. What will you order?

I’m on a strict diet – only healthy food!

Steak. Meat is my thing

I'll try everything a little bit

Fish and salad. Something light

What personal quality do you appreciate most?





What is your perfect vacation?

Travel to Europe – a beautiful city, interesting museums

A quiet beach where there are no one except me

I prefer the city: everything’s at hand, I can do whatever I want

Somewhere where it’s fun and a lot of friends

How much do you like extreme?





Who would you invite if you throw a party ?


Ed Sheeran



You like to be in the limelight

Oh, no. That’s not about me. I always stand aside

Yes, I love to be in the limelight both for a reason and without cause

Yes, but only for a reason – when I’m telling about something or making a joke

No way, it’s better not to be. Someone will certainly say something offensive – a fight will be unavoidable

What game would play now?

Cowboys and Indians

A table game or chess



How do you behave when you meet friends?

I seize them in my arms

I just wave them

I ask how they are doing and is there any news. All hugs are later.

Depends on a friend


You'te a husky! You're very friendly, easily adapt to any life conditions and happy with everything that is going on. An absolute optimist! You often admire with people around, they bring you inspiration. Huskies aren't touchy at all, they don't know what is sadness and loneliness. Everydoby likes such a character, that's why you probably have so many friends!

Wiener dog

You're a wiener dog! A very loyal and true friend, you always show initiative in friendship and relationships. However, it's not so easy for anyone to become your close friend since you cannot trust anyone until you know that he can protect you. But if someone managed to win your trust and become the best friend, he's lucky. Since you would do anything for friendship's sake!


You're a rottweiler!  Oh, you need to be more cautious here. You're very straightforward, never hide anything from your friends and people you know, don't lie or pretend. It's better not to risk and not to make you angry for nothing. If it happened, it's better to stay away, otherwise, you'll start to go on the rampage. You can never guess what is on your mind since you need a special approach here. But those who managed to find it are happy because once the understanding comes who your best friend is, he can feel like behind a stone wall.

Chow chow

You're a chow chow! The dogs of this breed are very reserved and calm, have self-respect and are aware of their worth. As well as you are. If you find something you really like, you will never cry about it, tell each and everyone about it, but just quietly express your interest. Among merits - tact and politeness, knowledge of patterns of conduct. No one will ever twit you about your importunity or meddling. If you see that a person is busy or doesn't want to talk, you won't distract him, on the contrary, you'll behave as quietly as you can to give him no trouble. Besides, the extreme power of observation and the ability to notice even the most insignificant things - are huge pluses. You need to use it - make friends a compliment on a new hairdo or a beautiful detail in the look!