What Gender Does Your Mentality Have?

What Gender Does Your Mentality Have?
It's believed that there are three types of mentalities: masculine, feminine, and balanced. Biological sex doesn't always determine how the brain works. Learn more about your mentality with this quiz!

Imagine that something was broken and needs repair. What will you do?

I will call an expert

I will repair it by myself

I will repair it by myself if it isn't a serious problem

When choosing a new smartphone what will you pay attention to?

The best quality-price ratio

Appearance, color, and availability

Performance and memory

Do you keep order in the apartment?

Yes, everything is well-organized. I always know, where and what can be found

In general, everything looks neat, but I don't try to bring it to an ideal

I throw everything in any place. Even having difficulties when searching something can't wean me from this habit

Your typical dinner is

Fast food brough by a delivery service

I cook something healthy for myself

My favorite food from a nearby restaurant

What is your favorite movie style?

Adventure and Action



What were your favorite subjects at school?

Literature, Languages, and History

Physics and Mathematics

Biology and Chemistry

What is your approach to solving problems?

I independently think over all possibilities and choose from them

I discuss it with different people and then I make a decision.

I can ask for help but I make the final decision by myself

Do you keep in touch with your family members?

Yes, I contact my friends and relatives every day.

I try, but I rarely take the initiative

I tell important news to relatives from time to time

Do you have a neat handwriting?

No, only I can sometimes understand my notes

Yes, I write very nicely and nattily

Well, it's readable

Imagine that your friend or colleague volunteered to help you and explain something. How would you like to get the explanation?

Clearly, accurately, and with as many details as possible

It will be enough to take me through the fundamental steps.

I'll refuse, it's easier for me to handle it by myself

How do you approach to buy something new?

I will drop into a couple of nearby stores and take the most attractive thing

I will call friends and we'll go to a big shopping center

I will make an order on the Internet

Your friend or colleague is sad all day long. What will you do?

I don't notice

I will note, but I will hardly ask what's happened. I try not to get involved in other people's lives

I will try to talk to find out everything, give an advice, and help as I can!

Your mentality is male.

You make rational decisions all alone. It’s hard to trust your feelings. You love logic and think according to the rules. You are prone to work with numbers, precise data, and complex mechanisms.

Your mentality is female.

You trust your feelings, conditions, and mood. It's easier to discuss the problem than to solve it by yourself. The way out comes during conversation (or at least a monologue). You also take to heart problems and emotions of other people. You are always ready to help them.

Your mentality is balanced.

When making decisions you can find a logical way out and trust your feelings. You can both solve math tasks and understand your partner's feelings. You are able to manage the situation. You know, when you should act rationally or follow your heart.