What good tribe member are you?

What good tribe member are you?


Are you Nala? Cocoa? Opal? Pepper? Topaz? Watermelon? Coconut? Buttercup? Charm? Spirit? Salem? Chemical? Maple? Peanut? Softpaws? Or are you Mittens?

I can be very sensitive and emotional.

I am very social and talkative.

I can appear to be very secretive.

I enjoy a good book.

I see myself as a great leader.

I love having people ask questions about me.

I love trying new things.

People have said to me before that I am weird.

You are Nala!

Traits: Ambitious Persistent Reaslistic Omptimistic Intelligent Independant  

You are Cocoa!

Traits: Honest Brave Passionate Logical Organized Generous

You are Opal!

Traits: Intelligent Independant Organized Practical Logical Curious

You are Pepper!

Traits: Kind Loyal Humble Fair Patient Dedicated

You are Topaz!

Traits: Curious Optimistic Honest Social Fair Daring

You are Watermelon!

You are Coconut!

You are Buttercup!

You are Clover!

You are Cotton!

You are Willow!

You are Button!

You are Charm!

You are Spirit!

You are Salem!

You are Chemical!

You are Maple!

You are Peanut!

You are Softpaws!

You are Mittens!