Which Car Best Fits Your Personality? This Quiz Will Find Out!

Which Car Best Fits Your Personality? This Quiz Will Find Out!
Sometimes it's so difficult to choose a new car! It has to work for your lifestyle while looking and feeling beautiful. This quiz is the simplest way to find your next car. Here we go!

Let's get acquainted. Choose your age:






I will be 18 soon

We continue to get acquainted. Where do you live?

I prefer minimalism

In luxury

Grunge loft. Stylish, trendy, and youth

It's an usual apartment, it is cozy

That window on the 48th floor is mine

At my place

Now that we have already gotten acquainted, tell me about your house?

 Here is my new tv and the Xbox. It's so cool!

Sometimes I come here, and it seems that nobody complains

I wonder, on which wall I should hang a new picture

I'm looking for a good cleaning service and a cook

Everything is good; everything is in its place. Stability

Like everybody: a mortgage, search of a kindergarten, and walks with my dog

What will you pay attention buying a car?


Luggage volume and fuel consumption

Comfort and the list of options

Adaptability to urban conditions

Car appearance

Girl, who stands nearby

A car costs 100,000 dollars. Would you consider buying this car?

It's cheap. Used cars should be taken off. However, you know what they sell

Uh-uh, it's too much

It's a cost of an apartment. No, it's too much

It's for me. Give me two

Only if it's something really worthwhile.

Just what I want

How do you prefer to ride?

I turn on the music and sit patiently in traffic jams.

I'm always first after any traffic lights

I push strollers around the city, but I park smartly

Comfort is the main thing.

Neatly, I look around

Ooh, it's a chance to show myself!

Do you know what is off-roading?

Of course, I don't. But I know, what crowded parking means

Yep, I often go offer-roading.

What? No way! My car is made for other purposes

Why? Are there no good roads?

No way! How will I drift and break traffic rules?

Well, if it's necessary we'll break it!

What are the best ways to spend time on weekends?

Quiet family dinner

Noisy party

Good restaurant

Go to the sea

I do not know what weekends mean. I have a lot of work

Sitting at the bar with friends

The car is designed to:

Show who is the coolest

Make an impression

Take me to and from work, and on business trips

Be delight for the eye

Just perform its main function and not to break

Make me feel comfortable

What do you think about an eight-hour journey in Russia?

My car deserves better things

If with a driver I am ready

Oh, I have urgent matters, I am sorry

I am ready! When are we leaving?

Only if no one will rush me and give instructions from the passenger seat.

It's possible to drive quick as the wind

From what movie does your ideal car come from?

Back to the Future



James Bond


  Crazy Max

180 km/h on a highway is:

My usual speed

Wow! Where are you going in such a hurry?

My driver will do it

Real heavy !

I can go

My car can run better

What kind of music do you listen to the car?

Good old jazz

Something energetic

I have peace and quiet

Easy classics

Any radio

Rap. I want everyone to understand how cool I am

Workhorse Ford Focus

First of all, a car is a transport mean for you. Everything should be convenient, comfortable, and, most importantly, reliable in it. You don't really care about new fashion options offered by car dealerships. You settle with basic functionality. Your car looks quite simple. There are no unnecessary details, and nothing distracts from a pleasant trip.

High-status Mercedes Maybach

In your car you appreciate details that distinguish it from all others. For you it's not just a transportation mean, it's something more. It's a feather in your cap. Everything is combined in your Mercedes - comfort, luxurious appearance, and excellent performance. And you want to hire a driver to feel yourself at a high ebb.

Conservative Mercedes S-class

You aren't interested in breakneck speeds, creaks of tires, and quick turns. You prefer quiet driving without any risks and nerves. Therefore, you need an appropriate car. This Mercedes is quite comfortable but it is very elegant and glamorous at the same time. It's a perfect combination to make your trip more pleasant. 

Mobile City Mini Cooper

You appreciate a car for its convenience and capability to move quickly around the city. Mobility is especially relevant. You don't have enough free time to spend it in long traffic jams and search for a parking space. A small and compact Mini Cooper is the perfect combination of practicality, comfort, and attractive appearance.

Aggressive Audi R8

In everyday life you immediately try to show, who deserves respect. The same happens on the road. Your Audi just says: "Watch out!" When choosing a car, first of all, you pay attention to its characteristics and a number of new options. So, it is not just a means of transportation, but a source of adrenaline rush.

Elegant Porsch Panamera

As a driver you prefer such cars appreciating their luxurious appearance. If you can afford it, why not? We only live once. We should find pleasure in everything, even in such routine activity as driving.