Travel Quiz: Where Should I Visit in Europe?

Travel Quiz: Where Should I Visit in Europe?
Your vacation is coming up, but where to go? You could get lost in the decisions and decide to stay home! To avoid that, answer the quiz questions and find your perfect European getaway!

What weather is the best for a vacation?

Warm and sunny

Warm, but sometimes rainy

Quite warm but with a light wind

Doesn't matter


And why do people go somewhere?

To enjoy the atmosphere

To rest in the grand manner

To walk across new places

To learn many new and interesting things

You prefer

Places with many tourists

Places with both locals and tourists

Places, which tourists don't usually visit

If we may ask, what's the budget of your journey? How many euro can you spend a day?

What tourist are you?

I'll go for fun and parties

I like everything rich and expensive

I visit museums, read a lot

I look for fair landscapes

I just like a beauty rest

What do you always take on the journey?

My portable speakers. You never know where the party catches you

A fall-back credit card

Museum guide

A beautiful outfit for evening at the restaurant

Comfortable shoes and more warm clothes

What do you prefer to eat on the journey?

Local food. It's usually so tasty!

Does beer count?

Doesn't matter, but it shoud be cheap

A lot of veggies and fruits, I'm for a healthy lifestyle

Something local and very unusual

You come somewhere just for a day. What will you do? Where do you go?

I'll spend all my money on shopping

I'll sit at a café and will wait there all this time, just rest

I'll watch all the sights I could

I'll immediately make new friends and go to a pub

I'll walk across the city

Choose what attracts you more






What bag will you take for a journey?

You come to a city and it's cool, chance of rain. What will you say?


Paris is the capital of France, the world's most beautiful and elegant city, the symbol of love and romance, fashion and exquisiteness. It will fit you for sure, since there fashion collections of the most expensive brands are combined with world's arts masterpieces, excellent cuisine - with the melodic language. You travel for pleasure, deny yourself nothing and know what does it mean to live then and there. The French art of living is for your! Tell your friends about this test, plan the journey together!


Zurich is the center of the same-name German-speaking canton of Switzerland, frequently ranked first in the lists of the most comfortable cities not only in Europe but the world. However, its guests have to pay for the comfort: this title was consistently accompanied by the title of the planet's most expensive city. Another one characteristic of Zurich is its citizens' independence nurtured for centuries. Why to tell more if it's already obvious that this place is made for you! Tell your friends about this test, plan the journey together!


Athens is a special city: no one European capital can boast of such cultural and historical heritage. It's rightly called the cradle of democracy and Western civilization. It is what attracts you. Why else would you go on a journey but to learn something new, see for yourself what you read about in the books when you were little? Tell your friends about this test, plan the journey together!


Budapest is the pearl of Danube, an industrial center of Hungary. This is a city with bright character, unique arhitecture, rich cultural traditions. The romantic atmosphere of Budapest streets is often identified with the Parisian one. There are a lot of touurists during the peak season – both in warm months and on Christmas. The periods of touristic lull is considered the best time for shoppping. Besides, this journey won't drain you dry! Tell your friends about this test, plan the journey together!


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, an amazingly picturesque city of "north beauty". As any European capital, except for numerous sights and worthy museums, it can boast of the abundance of cafes with incredibly delicious dishes, Swedish designers' stores, as well as the variety of hotels and rich night life. A perfect vacation in a perfect city. What more could one ask for? Tell your friends about this test, plan the journey together!