Quiz: What Should Be My Ideal Weight?

Lada Khramova
Quiz: What Should Be My Ideal Weight?
The way we feel about ourselves defines our self-esteem and lifestyle. People often forget about their inner world while trying to enhance their appearance. This quiz can help you understand what you think about appearances and how it influences your mental health and behavior.

How do you react to complicated situations?

Try to weigh my options, ponder

I would either panic, or become numb

Ah, this too shall pass

How are you feeling at the moment?

What do you think when going by a mirror and seeing your reflection?

Wow, I look sharp today! As usual

Gosh, I'm so pathetic

I look good, it gives me confidence

In your opinion, why do you need friends and family?

To hear me out, give advice

Not to be bored alone

To support and share my interests

How would you describe the way you walk?

It's quite heavy, with my shoulders slumped

I feel like I'm floating, my gait is jumping

Dunno, never pay attention

How often do you feel anxiety?

You had a hard working day. What would you do after coming back home?

Find a way to kill my time, this day is doomed

Do something good for myself

Call my friends and go to the bar

How would your friends describe you?




Would it be easy for you to command if you were a manager?

Easy! I can do that

No, people don't usually listen to me

No, people don't take me seriously

Choose an animal that matches your lifestyle most:




Heavy mental weight

You're in a state of heavy mental weight, as if you carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders and have bitter experience. This results in constant fatigue, apathy, lack of desire to do anything. Your mood is mostly lowered, anxiety and horrible premonitions occur. Try to find positive things in life, and your mental weight will be decreasing! How much do your friends weight? Share this test with them!

Normal mental weight

You're in a state of normal mental weight, it helps you be positive about everything that happens and have a serious vision of things at the same time. You recover from unpleasant situations quite fast, never keep negative emotions inside and let the bad experience go. However, you're far away from being thoughtless. It's the right balance! How much do your friends weight? Share this test with them!

Light mental weight

You're in a state of light mental weight, it helps you keep your cheerful mood and feel good. You're beaming with energy and positive attitude, people can see and appreciate it. However, this state might interfere with the productive work, making it hard for you to deal with important tasks. Develop a more serious approach to important tasks to increase your efficiency! How much do your friends weight? Share this test with them!