Quiz: What's Your Conflict Management & Resolution Strategy?

Quiz: What's Your Conflict Management & Resolution Strategy?
Everyone is facing difficult situations that might turn into conflicts. Each person has their own way of dealing with them depending on their mood, nature, and temper. This quiz will reflect if you can control your emotions!

You're going along the street and notice a group of people who actively discuss something. Seems like they're fighting. What will you do?

Why do I care? I'll pass by

I might interfere if I see someone's affected by this conflict

They were probably waiting for my help. I'll butt in

You're in a team meeting discussing the results of the work. You notice that your boss has made a mistake. What will you say?

I'll start criticizing him. He's the boss! He should know his business

Depends on the mistake

I won't say anything. He knows better

You agreed to meet up with a friend. He suggests something that you don't like. Will you suggest your plan?

Yes, I will. We need to discuss and choose

Yes, and I will be insisting

No, I'll agree with him

How often do you fight with your co-workers or friends?

You're standing in line to pay at the grocery store. Someone is trying to skip the line. Your actions?

Am I joke to you? I'll butt in too!

I'll be swearing (but silently)

I'll ask him to respect the others

You're arguing with someone and realize that you're wrong. Will you admit your mistake?

Yes, of course

I'll try to find a compromise

No way!

You wasn't given a change at a local grocery store. Your reaction?

I will never go there again

I'll ask to recalculate

I'll make a scandal! Everyone should know about what they're doing here

What do you feel when you know that a heated quarrel is about to start?

Someone is listening to loud music right in front of your windows. What will you do?

Stay away from windows and find my earplugs

I'll warn them

I'll be shouting louder than their music

What did you notice first in this picture?

Human faces


A swan swimming in a river


Seems like people should avoid arguing with you, because you can't control your emotions. Life feels boring and colorless if you can't sort things out and confront someone. Your main goals is to win in every conflict. Luckily, your fighting spirit allows you to do it quite often! What about your friends and their character? Share this test to find out!

Time bomb

You're not a big fan of conflicts. However, when arguing, you're ready to go to the end and defend your interests. Nevertheless, if there's any chance to avoid these tense situations, you will gladly agree. Only outrageous circumstances can make you fight, argue and revenge. What about your friends and their character? Share this test to find out!

Compromising person

You're avoiding any conflicts, because you simply don't know how to behave in such a situation. When people try to drag you into arguing, you pretend not to notice anything, as if it has nothing to do with you. Being peace-loving person is great, but having survival instinct won't hurt as well. What about your friends and their character? Share this test to find out!