What Is Your Lucky Number?

What Is Your Lucky Number?
Everyone has their own lucky symbols and signs. If you find them, fortune will always accompany you. It's very easy to use patterns to find out your lucky day of the week or color. But what about your lucky number? These questions are inspired by the mathemetician Pythagoras, and will help you bring more luck into your life!

Let's start from the beginning - do you believe in magic numbers?

Yes, I do, but without going too far

Of course, I believe in any kind of magic

Well, like everyone

I used to be fond of the numerology. But it's over

What questions would you ask someone when you first meet him?

I get to know the most essential things.

I will ask everything

I will ask something unexpected to surprise

I will try to know his personal world

If we lived in a fantasy movie, you would choose the role:

Common elf

I will be a Centaur. He is the only one


A little bit of everything

What's your dream?

First, get married and focus on my career, and then have children

Find time to do everything

Make something crazy

Find harmony and balance

What do you do when you think about your dream?

I start to do everything at once, but it doesn't last long

I begin to argue with everyone convincing them that it's very important

I continue to dream, what else?

I plan what I've got to do to make it true

Try to describe yourself briefly and succinctly:

Minimum risks

Everything at once

Against the crowd

Harmony with myself

Choose a song:

Any fashionable rap, I can't choose

Ed Sheeran

Frank Sinatra


Now choose a movie:

Eat Pray Love

I love auteur cinematography

Some Like It Hot

What movie was nominated for the Oscar? I will see this one!

You need to solve some important problem. What will you do?

I will come up with an unusual solution

I will ask advice from those who have already been in such a situation.

I will ask for advice and do the opposite.

I will calmly start to decide and think over the solution

If something doesn't work, how many times can you try it again?

My second name is obstinacy. Therefore, a lot of times

I will try different options

It didn't work out that way, okay, I will not do it again

I will do it in spite of those, who didn't believe in me

What is your hobby?

Oh, I have so many hobbies, I can't count them

Extreme sport

I read books, watch movies, and like everyone else

Something creative, for example, painting

What is your biggest weakness?

I rarely invent something new

I rarely complete any things, even a phra...

Sometimes my calm turns into a profound indifference

Non conformity in the soul

0 is your lucky number

Congratulations, it's a rare case. People, who have this lucky number usually love everything unknown and interesting. They are easily fascinated by a new business, but rarely complete it. It leads to a lot of unfinished books in the corner, overlooked films, and unfinished activities. It's very easy to sweep you, and you make the right noises. You always help gladly your family members, even if there is nothing in it. Share this result with your friends, and they will get to know you better!

7 is your lucky number

The number 7 has always been considered lucky. And you aren't an exception. Those who have this number as a talisman, are usually quite calm and patient people. They don't like haste or vanity. You like to do everything steadily without unnecessary emotions and additional obstacles. You don't like to take risks and choose proven ways to achieve your goals. You don't invent new and extraordinary things avoiding difficulties. It's good, because nerve cells aren't able to regenerate. You must protect them. Share this result with your friends, and they will get to know you better!

13 is your lucky number

Congratulations, it's a rare case. Most of us fear this number and try to avoid it. You aren't afraid of anything. Those, who have this lucky number, usually overcome circumstances. They don't obey anything and anyone, and try to show their individuality in every way. When it comes to “follow the crowd”, you will do the opposite of what everyone would expect. 13 brings good luck mostly to imaginative persons, who aren't able to carry out monotonous tasks and sit still. They are very energetic, mobile, and active. They always want to act and reach new heights making their own way. Share this result with your friends, and they will get to know you better!

8 is your lucky number

Eight is associated with infinity, balance, and harmony. It brings good luck to you. It means that you are a calm and relaxed person. It's very difficult to drive you mad, get under your skin, and make you become overly concerned. You think that self-evolution and peace with yourself are the most valuable things. This is exactly what you should aim for. You don't care about the race for money or social status. You aren't ready to trample over each other to achieve your goal. It's good because nerve cells aren't able to regenerate. You must protect them. Share this result with your friends, and they will get to know you better!