What Is Your Medieval Name?

What Is Your Medieval Name?
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like in another century? It's quite difficult to describe life in the Medieval era, but it's possible to say what your name would be if you were born a couple of centuries earlier. Take the test and find out what your Medieval name is!

What would be your nickname if you were an Indian?

Predatory wolf

Morning light

Forest beaver

Sea wave

What the name meaning does fit you best?





If you need to choose a motto for your family crest, it would be...

Living means struggling with the mill of distress

If you want to do something well, do it yourself

Be kinder and people will treat you better

Wisdom is the mother of all good deeds

When you're working on something, you prefer…

Do everything on my own

Strain every sinew

Approach the work in a calm and regular way

Help and guide others

In your opinion, life is...


Movement from goal to goal

A fairytale

A succession of victories and defeats

Does the end justify the means?

Which of these competitions you are the total winner in?

Who offers the maximal number of advice a minute

The bravest man

Who has the most durable immunity for monotonous work

The greatest stock of patience

How can you be named when you were little?




Problem child

If you have to wait for something, how do you react?

The master virtues in life are…

Knowledge and wisdom

Patience and labour

Kindness and outgoingness

Bravery and courage


These names have a truly Medieval meaning - power, strength in fighting. This description fits you perfectly since you are self-confident and have a strong will, preferring actions over words. You have a great impact on people around, can both inspire and depress them, that's why it's important to have calm and even-minded persons in your circle. Besides, intense enthusiasm is typical of you when some new plans and ideas are at issue, however, you don't risk and prefer to consider everything and think several moves ahead. A smart tactic! Share this test with friends, let's see what name fits them!


Both these names mean "the grace of God" and characterize the owners as a strong and brave but at the same time kind person of light. Everyone who has this name has a calm and open character. Kindness is the major merit Anna and Johns differ with. Along with compassion and attention to others, this quality makes them extremely nice and sensitive. It doesn't seem hard for them to take care of not only themselves but people around. If someone is crying and suffers, you never pass by. People will often exploit your kindness and unselfishness, but even then you'll put the interests of other people above yours. Share this test with friends, let's see what name fits them!


These names tell about person's diligence, his/her desire to work and do it well. This description fits you well since you're distinguished for your discipline, official duty performances and a keen sense of duty. An amazing ability for self-organization makes you an uber-productive person leaving no room for laziness. You should be proud of it! Share this test with friends, let's see what name fits them!


In the Middle Ages, people with this name won hearts with their kindness, sensitivity, and outgoingness. The owners of this name completely justified its meaning - this is a really wise and serious person, sharp-eyed and delicate. Besides, his/her wisdom is based on intuition and outsight rather than on encyclopedic book learning. They're modest, don't like to express their feelings openly, but are open-minded, that's why it's pleasant to deal with them. Impulsivity and the ability for unexpected acts spoil the picture a bit, but Sophie and Alfie have such an easy-going character that it's almost impossible to fight with them. They're capable of compassion, solving someone else's problems, trying to help if you're in trouble. Share this test with friends, let's see what name fits them!