What Kind of Flower Are You Based On Your Personality?

What Kind of Flower Are You Based On Your Personality?
Roses, orchids, and camomiles - did you know that each of these flowers corresponds to a certain type of character? Some fit calm natures, while others are created for merry and active ones. Nature did its best and took into account all the details, even the finest ones. Just a few questions and you'll find out which is your perfect bunch!

Which of these flavors does rank first in the list of your favorite ones?

Something summerly fresh and vivid

I prefer calm, sweet smells

I don't like all these flavors at all

I like complex scents with multiple shades

Brevity is the soul of wit. Try to describe yourself in a word.





Where to relax after a heavy business day?

With friends outdoors, to have a picnic, for example

At home in the company of a good movie

In a spa center with a good massage

To meet with a good friend, to talk about life

How do you fell about leaving for a beautiful paradisiac island somewhere in the ocean to spend there a couple of days in peace and quiet?

Which of these phrases can be used for your status on Facebook?

The darkest moment is always right before the dawn

Through rough ways to the stars

He wins who can rise

Talk is silver, silence is golden.

At the huge party, you can be found…

At my house. I don’t visit such places

I have fun in the company of good friends

Where the cream of society is

Do you see that person everybody's looking at? Tha's me!

Your friends often tell you that you…

Inspire them by example

Help them giving advice

Easily make people fall in love with you

Achieve your goals

What do you think when you're looking at yourself in the mirror?

Is it possible to look better?

I look very cute

What a beautiful smile I have!

I like that glint in the eyes

What's your favorite color?

Imagine that you'll appear in the new staff tomorrow. What do you think?

Can't wait!

I think how to take them all by storm

I'm happy I might find new friends

I'm anxious a little

If you set off on a journey, it'll most likely be…

A quiet beach

Some place new to me

A place with a lot of sights

Where doesn't matter, with whom matters!


Camomile-people are not so simple as they may seem at first glance. Extroverts are most often met among them. Expressed external openness and smiling do not indicate childish trustingness and naivete. These people are tough, they can stand up for themselves. They clearly know who is a friend and who is an enemy to them and who can be used to their advantage. Share the result with your freinds since they should know what to give you!

Proud lily

The feeling of self-respect, excessive proud are strongly pronounced in the character of a person who likes lilacs, sometimes high-hat manners and even arrogance are discernible. Well, he/she's almost a king/queen! Despite the energy of this person, a subtle charm is typical of him/her. As a rule, the people of this type are tiffany natures. they like art in any of its manifestations, theatrical performances grand concerts, spectacular shows. Share the result with your friends since they should know what to give you!

Calm violet

A person who likes violets is mainly interested in his/her internal world. This doesn't mean that she/he is a melancholic nature or plays the role of a pessimist. However, he/she probably feels instinctive anxiety deep in his/her mind. Some restraint of the character is also typical of them. In life, this person doesn't usually blaze a trail, doesn't seek to scoop a large profit or shoot for the stars, but he/she is always ready to come out from behind the curtain and take what she/he deserves. Share the result with your friends since they should know what to give you!

Vigorous sunflower

Those who like sunflowers radiate energy downright around themselves. They very like diversity and aim for making tomorrow not similar to yesterday and so on day by day. This type of people is a little adventurous by nature. Sunflowers have a thing for all possible adventures, they like to achieve successes in sports, which were never achieved before them. Their motto to live by - the sea of pleasure and unforgettable extremal sensations. Share the result with your friends since they should know what to give you!