Learning Styles Quiz: What Is Your Child's Learning Style?

Learning Styles Quiz: What Is Your Child's Learning Style?
The secret to successfully teaching your kid is understanding how they will get and process information. A few steps will help you to reveal their learning style, which will be the best for your kid. This quiz will help to figure out all the details of learning and upbringing while helping you choose the best option!

You notice that your kid is more focused when he/she…

Examining pictures

Listening to me when I'm reading

Making something with his/her hands

Trying to understand how something works

Suppose you try to explain to the kid how to solve a mathematical problem. The safe choice is…

To explain all rules and laws

To tell how to reach the solution

To write a detailed solution

To give him/her the opportunity to solve the problem on his/her own

How do you usually solve problems with the kid?

We try to take the mind off things with physical activity

We always tell straight about unpleasant moments

I try to involve the kid's imagination, discussing the problems

I speak to him/her like an adult. I explain all the consequences, etc.

If you ask the kid to remember the phone number, what will she/he do?

Write it down

Repeat the number once again aloud

Dial the number on his/her own

There are no problems with numbers, he/she'll remember it right away

How does your kid usually behave when communicating?

Speaks a lot, describes everything in detail

He/she has dramatic gestures

He/she actively uses mimics

He/she listens attentively, trying to understand the meaning

What does your kid like to do to have a rest in the evening?

Watches TV

Listens to the music

Works out

Reads a lot

When you are discussing a movie you watched together, what does your child recall?

Characters' interesting phrases, music

CGI, decorations, beautiful constumes

A plotline

His/her feelings and emotions

When the load is too intense, how to help your kid?

To let her/him get a load off her/his mind

Let him/her listen to his/her favorite music loudly

Let him/her watch TV

To create silence to make him/her think everything over

When your kid chooses something in the store, what does he/she pay attention to first?


Beautiful package

He/she always grabs everything, touches

He/she will pay attention to a product if someone recommended it

When you ask the kid to recall something, he/she usually…

starts remembering aloud

involves his/her imagination

remembers his/her emotions and personal attitude

meticulously reproduces everything

A visual kid

The representatives of this group perceive information given in the form of pictures, charts or diagrams. They need to see to understand. Recalling something, your kid paints pictures in the head, he/she has a lot of notepads, post-it notes and sheets where some important nuances are put down, besides, not randomly but in a clear and systematized way. Structuring and proper execution of information is the shot of visual learners. By the way, they're incredible aesthets. That's why it's necessary to choose schools with good multimedia facilities and a great number of hand-outs for such children. Tell your friends about this quiz. Everyone should know about child learning styles!

An auditory kid

In your case, information is perceived aurally, it's necessary to say it. Your kid learns better, if she/he reads aloud and the words "to yourself" look like a sentence for him/her. These kids have a thing for audio textbooks since it's much easier to process the total array of information. Various songs with easy words, audio records and lectures are a great way to learn the material. Tell your friends about this quiz. Everyone should know about child learning styles!

A kinesthetic kid

To understand the meaning of a question, your kid needs to touch, get his/her hands to the thing. No matter how long the teacher describes, for example, an apple, shows pictures, everything is in vain. And if the kid gets a hold of the apple, all the pieces fall into place in his/her memory and further recognition of the object and its characteristics will be faultless. Experienced teachers always try to provide a tactile contact with such students (to stroke his/her head, etc., as praise). Tell your friends about this quiz. Everyone should know about child learning styles!

A digital kid

These are logicians who integrate the signs of all the previous groups and they perceive the world by the principle yes/no, black/white. It's better to explain even humanities to these kids by the means of numbers, signs, cause-and-effect relations. Until the kid goes into the question, no pictures or explanations could help him/her. Tell your friends about this quiz. Everyone should know about child learning styles!