What Kind of Person Do I Attract?

2019-10-07 10:35:07
What Kind of Person Do I Attract?
Someone invites our liking since the first minutes of acquaintance and another leaves us indifferent even when there are all reasons to like him or her. Most oftener, the point is not an attractive appearance or shared interests. The question is something that consciously prepossesses us to a certain type of people. Take the quiz and find out what kind of person you are attracted to.

At the party, you prefer dealing with the ones who…

Listen to more than speak

Obviously achieved success

Look unusual

As a rule, you can't stand the companies of people, which…

Agree with the majority opinion

Careless when talking to you

Don't seek for anything in life

How do you feel about introverts?

It's easier for you to get along with a person who…

Looks quite a bit like you in something

Openly says what he/she thinks

Learns something new all the time

It's important for you to have a friend who can keep secrets.

You can't establish a relationship with a…



Insecure person

When you meet other people, you pay attention to…

Easy way of talking

A kind look

Clean, reasoned speech

Your perfect partner should…

Be ready for unexpected experiments

Be quick to understand me

Look after himself/herself and go in for sports

Which kind of people do you often attract?

Who have a deep understanding of other people


Who don't like to follow rules

Your strength is




Unorthodox persons

In a new company of people, you always feel sympathy for those who stand out from the crowd. Extreme hair color or nails, an unusual style of clothing, a strange way of talking - you like when a person differs from people around. Communication with such people enrich you with new ideas, teach you how to think outside the box. You're bored in the world, where everybody looks the same and dream the same things. You also try to be different and appreciate this feature in people. Share this quiz on social media- let's see what kind of person your friends are attracted to.

Committed perfectionists

People who achieved success attract you and you're always interested in learning their story. You respect those who know what they want and stay the course in meeting the goal. You also seek to achieve high results and not ready to fritter away your strength. Those who complain about life or waste it on empty talks annoy you. You aren't a fan of noisy parties, but if you appear at one of them, you'll certainly widen your network of useful contacts for the future. Share this quiz on social media- let's see what kind of person your friends are attracted to.

Sensitive and caring

You don't like noisy companies and prefer a meeting with a friend to a crowded party. You like having a heart-to-heart talk and that's why you choose calm and quiet partners in conversation who are ready to listen to. Loud jesters push you away and even annoy with their desire to make a joke out of everything. You carefully choose friends and not ready to share personal things right after the acquaintance. But if a person managed to win your trust, you can tell him any secret. Share this quiz on social media- let's see what kind of person your friends are attracted to.