What Kind Of Sex Do I Like Most?

What Kind Of Sex Do I Like Most?
Does deeply felt lovemaking fit you best, or passionate, spontaneous sex? It turns out many people are dissatisfied with their love life because they don't know what they want! Take our quiz and find out what sex should be like for you!

Sex is

A way to connect two loving people even closer

A sexual intercourse

A way of getting to know each other through the sensuous experience

Can sex be unpleasant?

What you think when having sex…

Is more important than what is happening in the body

Is a seasoning for a good sex

Just hinders the process

You use the "sexual" adjective for things not related to sex.

How do people get knowledge about sex?

From books and movies

In practice

Throughout the life

Is a bad mood the excuse to deny your partner sex?

What is more riskier?




When sex with the partner doesn't bring pleasure anymore, what do you do?

I look for a new partner

I try to avoid intimacy

I look for a way to enliven the relationship

Sex is good when it has


The chance to lose yourself in the process


How often do you initiate sex in your relationship on a scale from 1 to 10?

Romantic sex

Sex per se has less importance for you than the relationship, and you often make love only for the sake of the relationship, the feeling of closeness and unity, checking whether your partner desires you. You know more about your ability for love than having sex. Use what you are good at but make sure to develop your sensuality to open yourself from a new side. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what kind of sex fits your friends best.

Sensuous sex

Sex plays a key role in your relationship with the opposite sex. You're very sexy, and feelings usually have no much meaning for you. The representatives of the opposite sex are primarily sex objects for you. You do know a lot about sex, always ready to experiment, take a risk. To take it to the next level of sexuality you need to move towards the relationship, bringing feelings, romanticism, care, support, tenderness, attention to the partner when having sex. Then the sex will take on a new dynamic. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what kind of sex fits your friends best.

Emotional and sensuous sex

You're to be congratulated, you are at the level of development when you can involve both sensuality and feelings in sex. You have not just sex but love. A sexual intercourse for you is both body, physical pleasure and the process of communication. You don't use the relationship as a way to get sex but neither use sex as a way to preserve your relationship since both areas in your life are balanced. Keep it up! Share this quiz on social media - let's see what kind of sex fits your friends best.