Quiz: Which Kind Of Tattoo Will Suit You The Most?

It's very difficult to choose a tattoo. Will you regret it later? Will it reflect who you are? There are so many different options! This test will help you to choose the right tattoo.

What dress style do you prefer to wear?

Light-colored clothing

Basic colors, convenience is important

Minimalism. Minimum colors, minimum things

Sweatsuits and bright colors!

I love original and non standard clothes

Beautiful and symbolic prints

Cool, inspirational or just funny prints, as well as lettered prints!

What talents do you have?

I paint nice pictures

I'm a good speaker

I'm good in sciences


I find important things in everything

I get along with wildlife

I write poems or stories

What was your favorite school subject?




Physical education

Foreign language


Native language

Please, describe your perfect day

Spend the day with my family

Just have a rest at home

Read a book

Have an adventure

Go to a museum or an exhibition

Yoga class

Prepare blog posts

Where would you go to travel?





New York

Japan or China

Los Angeles

Where will you go to have snack?

New craft cafe with beautiful design

A small restaurant, where the waiters already know what you're going to order

A place with a tasty food

Rock Cafe

Fashionable coffee house in the center

Sushi bar

Literary cafe

What event would you rather visit?

Classical music concert

Exhibition of the Middle Ages paintings

Gallery of a famous minimalist artist

Stunt on motorcycles competitions

Modern sculpture exhibit

Auction of original works of a famous Japanese artist

Poetic evening

What superpower would you like to have?

I want to be a modern Cupid

I want to fly



I want to control time

I want to control fire

I want to have the power of conviction

What is your best quality?


Sharp mind  






What is your worst quality?









Transparency is the main feature of this tattoo. Watercolor tattoos can be made in any palette. An image is clear and beautiful, regardless of its size. This tattoo will suit gentle and romantic persons, who appreciate originality and creativity and are full of emotions, kindness and bright impressions.

Engraving or Black and White Realism

You appreciate grace, clarity, and beauty. You don't like glaring colors and find other ways to stand out. Look at the Engraving style or Black and White Realism tattoos: only shades of black are used there. They will definitely look original and memorable if they are made by a professional. 

Linework, Ornamental or Tribal

You appreciate minimalism in everything. You like fancy shapes. You are a logical and rational person who always think soberly when achieving your goal. You should look at Linework, Ornamental, and Tribal tattoos. Various patterns and complex shapes made in black are usually used in such tattoos. This tattoo will definitely emphasize your temperament.

Biomechanics, Trash Polka or Color Realism

You are a brave and original person. You love adventures and adrenaline. You constantly challenge yourself to conquer new heights. Biomechanics, Trash Polka or Color Realism tattoos definitely suit you. Bright, aggressive, and unusual tattoos will reflect your restless personality and impress anyone!


You are a sophisticated nature. Contemporary art is congenial to you. You appreciate everything new and original. Look for a Dotwork master and go ahead! Different patterns and images are most often in black. Please, be aware that large tattoos look better!


You are a mysterious person and the Eastern culture is close to you. You also love when everything has its special meaning. Oriental tattoos are one of the oldest and most beautiful. The tattoos have various colors. Oriental symbols such as flowers, geisha, and dragons are the main topics. If you decide to get such a tattoo, we advise you to study the Eastern world to find out your tattoo meaning.


You express yourself with words, perhaps, you are blogger or write poems. The Inscription tattoo is right for you! Think what phrase is more important to you. Have a look at different fonts, and go to visit a master!