What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?
Can't decide on a movie for tonight? It's pretty hard to find what you need in the vast universe of cinema. This quiz will help you to choose a perfect movie to watch based on your mood. Let's go!

Why do you want to watch a movie?

To think about important things

To bring inspiration

To cry and feel sad

To laugh

What story do you like most?

The lead character tries to get rid of a boring life

Everyone is fed up with what is going on. They try to make a change but it appears not so easy

A young person who wants to ensure his future and pushes ahead

A love story with room for both tenderness and tears

Had you a hard day?

Yes, I want to take a rest

No, I want to watch something serious

Do you want to see a happy end?

Yes, I don't want to cry

No, feeling sad is what I want

Who will you watch a movie with?


With my significant other

With parents

With friends

What's on tonight's menu?

Arts is perceived on an empty stomach only


Some light snacks

Fruits, wine, and everything

A good movie should

Leave an aftertaste

Touch feelings

Show that everything's possible

Take the edge off

Choose the actor for a movie

How do you feel about movies, which are nice to watch but which don't teach you anything?

Requiem For A Dream

Sara dreams to take part in her favorite TV-show. Her son Harold and Marion - to make fashionable custom clothes. Tyron with whom this couple shares the flat - to grow rich. But they all have a little obstacle in their way: Sara put on some weight and doesn't fit in her best dress, and the rest - are drug addicts a little. There's a bright future ahead - but could they come to it? This movie is a perfect option for those who want to ponder over something important. Share this quiz with friends, let's choose a movie for them too!

Slumdog Millionaire

Jamal Malik, a young man grown in the slums of Mumbai, almost wins the Who wants to be a millionaire? game: one step is left and the 20-million rupee prize will be his. But the game is stopped and the police arrest Jamal. They suspect him of fraud — how a boy who has been growing up on the streets could know so many things? A perfect movie if you want to watch something powerful and inspiring! Share this quiz with friends, let's choose a movie for them too!

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

A movie about friendship of the professor of Tokio University and the faithful Akita dog is one of the saddest and moving stories of all times and places. The best option for a cozy, warm-hearted evening with a note of sadness. Share this quiz with friends, let's choose a movie for them too!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A movie is about Walter Mitty - a common worker in the illustration department in a popular magazine. The routine job depresses him, that's why he fantasizes, and he does it in full. Even Christopher Nolan with his Inception can envy his fantasies. A great option for a light and amusing evening! Share this quiz with friends, let's choose a movie for them too!