What Philosopher Are You?

2019-08-25 10:39:43
What Philosopher Are You?
There are a lot of philosophical movements in the world. Some are similar, others, on the contrary, have nothing in common. Philosophers are the same: one sticks to similar opinions and another can be recognized by a single phrase. Take the test and find out what philosopher you have more in common with.

How do you understand the "being" word?

Being is something opposite to spirit, mind

Being is evil

Being is the beginning of the eternal, self-identical, permanent.

Being is an eternal substance, which is the cause of itself.

What painting do you like most?

What's your attitude toward religion?

God is dead

Religion is a replacement of philosophy for those who don't understand it

I look for an explanation to the unusual in natural rather than supernatural things

God's nature is the nature of the world in general

What books do you prefer?


Don't like reading

Philosophical and scientific works

Any books

What city would you like to live in?





What is wealth for you?

Wealth is the master, and its owner is the slave

Wealth is like seawater, the more you drink, the more you're thirsty

Wealth should be limited enough for providing a "good life"

Wealth is living being satisfied with a little

Which of these quotes has more meaning to you?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

He who is cruel with animals cannot be a kind man.

Intelligence consists not only in knowledge, but also in the ability to apply knowledge in practice

If you want your life to smile at you, give your good mood first

What's your attitude toward marriage?

A good marriage is made of good friendship

Marriage is foolish

Family is more primary than the state

Marriage is the basis of any state

Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche created a distinctive learning, which has nothing in common with academic nature. The Nietzsche's work questioned the universal principles of morale, culture, religion, and socio-political relations. Make sure to share the test with other philosophers from your contact list :)

Arthur Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer became one of the first scientists who took the liberty of combining the Eastern and Western culture. Arts, moral asceticism and philosophy are the main ways of living a decent life in his opinion. He believed that art can release the soul from life suffering. Make sure to share the test with other philosophers from your contact list :)


Aristotle is the first thinker who created a diverse philosophical system. It became the basis of many modern kinds of science. It's he who created the formal logic and his view on the fundamentals of the universe changed the further development of human thought. Make sure to share the test with other philosophers from your contact list :)

Benedict Spinoza

Spinoza synthesized the scientific ideas of Ancient Greece and the Middle Ages, the works of stoics, neoplatonists and scholastics. His metaphysics was based on the logic that one needs to define terms, frame axioms and then using logical consequences to draw other conclusions. Make sure to share the test with other philosophers from your contact list :)