Quiz: Which Spice Fits Your Personality?

Quiz: Which Spice Fits Your Personality?
While we often overlook the spices we eat, they say a lot about who we are. How do you feel about the most popular condiments? Find out with this test!

What is your favorite warm beverage?



Hot chocolate.

Mulled cranberry punch.

A latte.


What's your favorite thing to do in your off time?

Hang out at a bar with some friends.

Chapel prayer or church worship service.

Working out alone or running a city marathon.

Meditation or a yoga class.

Write a speech or give a webinar.

Get in my car and just drive to nowhere in particular.

What's your favorite sweet treat?

Cookie or ice cream.

Muffin or pie.

Fruit or candy.

Tart or pie.

Cupcake or birthday cake.

Sherbert or gelato.

How would your parents describe you?

An inchworm. I take my time with everything.

Definitely, a planner, down to the last detail.

Entertaining and knowledgeable.

Adventurous and bookish.

A risk taker.

An intellectual explorer.

What is your favorite odd sport?

Shin kicking.

Toe wrestling.

Extreme ironing.

Underwater hockey.

Cheese rolling.

Egg tossing.

Is your usual drink a soft drink?

Herbal tea, here.

I'm all in for lemonade.

Just give me a cool drink of water.

No, I prefer ice tea.

I'll just take a juice.

Do you know what I'm like without my coffee?

What is your favorite smoothie shop purchase?

Something nutritional.

Something seasonal.

Something from the daily special.

Something with a hot spice.

Something berry.

Something new on the menu.

In group presentations, do you automatically take the lead?

In group presentations, I wait to be told what to do.

In group presentations, I work harmoniously to complete assignments.

In group presentations, I do only what I'm told to do.

In group presentations, I perform more than my share of work.

In group presentations, I do most of the work.

In group presentations, I let the leader carry most of the weight.

Which of these traits is more important to you?

Good self-image.






What kind of person would your friends say you are?

The listener.

The protector.

On the sidelines.

The celebrity. Everybody loves me.

The sage advisor.

Center of attention.

Were you a cult follower of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

It's part of my permanent memory.

It helped me erase my memories of a nightmare date.

It wasn't just a movie. This kind of erasure really happens, right?

My favorite movie of all time.

That movie was too ”heady.”

It was simply brilliant!

Which city do you prefer?

Charleston, South Carolina.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Marrakesh, Morroco.

Margaret River, Australia.

Waterford, Ireland.

Paris, France.

What is the best clothing for dancing?

Sweatshirts and sneakers are fine, right?

Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.


Casual clothes. It's not that serious.

A tiny skirt.

I step it up a notch.

Are you sugar, spice and everything nice?

I draw little hearts over all of my -I's.

Kindness is my religion.

Better count me in the snips and snails column.

I'm the person who always sends the thank-you notes.

I smile even when I'm in pain.

That's a nursery rhyme.

How would you describe your personality?

I have guarded conversations with people.

Social situations energize me.

I'm honest, but diplomatic.


I have no filter.

I'm a free talker.

What color is your favorite garment?





Cobalt blue.


Where would you rather visit?

Sacramento, California.


Tallahassee, Florida.


New York City.

Olympia, Washington.

How did you spend your teenage years?

Leading the ”in” crowd.

Reading books. Homework never stopped.

Partying. Was there anything else?

I lived at the local spa.

As a loner.

I made some good memories.

Would you describe yourself as ”normal?”

I'm a trendsetter. Does that make me normal?

My friends say I'm quirky.

I'm a good citizen. Isn't that enough.

I'm a straight arrow.

Sometimes, I wander off the beaten path.

I don't conform to anyone or anything.

If you could live in another time, when would it be?

The 1960s

The future, in the Age of Robots.

Turn of the 21st century.

Leave me alone. I like the present.

The Spice Age.

A day ahead of everyone else.

What do you do when you are angry?

Smile through it.

Hit something.


Vent and release it.

Calm down.


Which element do you identify with the most?




A combination of them all.



How do you like your cocoa?

With a jalapeno.

Flavored with red velvet.

With a shot of espresso.


Eaten with smores.

With a peppermint stick.

What kind of drink is more satisfying to you?

Healthy green tea.

Pineapple mango punch.

Club soda.

An energy drink.


Alkaline water.

Do other people not notice you all the time?

People are naturally drawn to me.

In meetings, I bring the agenda, no matter what's already on the table for discussion.

I'm the life of the party.

People seek me only for wisdom, not for fun.

Not at all. I'm the chameleon in the room.

No, not until they need me.

What is your preferred hair color?







What's the central food in your main course?

Garlic lime salmon

Baked tilapia

Shepherd's pie

Grilled tuna.

Panhandle chili

Jerk beef.


Cloves are preferred to be added to food by calm and measured people for whom inner peace and self-reflection are important. The spice will be an excellent remedy for recovery after hard and difficult work.


Ginger gives the ability to resist difficulties, activates mental activity, improves memory. Regular use of ginger promotes cheerfulness, relieves fatigue after a working day, creates an anti-stress barrier. For people who have ginger on the table such traits as purposefulness, courage, and determination are important.

Black Cumin

Kalindi or black cumin cleanses the mind and puts thoughts in order, sharpens the memory. It is optimal for nutrition in stressful situations when it is necessary to act decisively and surely. It charges you with optimism, gives you self-confidence, healthy stubbornness, and firmness of character. If you need a sparkle of strength and joy in your eyes, bright colors of perception of the surrounding world - use black cumin.