What Kind of Demon Are You Quiz

Lada Khramova
What Kind of Demon Are You Quiz
Every person is partially good and evil, but these negative traits can prevail sometimes. It seems like there is a small devil within people, which is impossible to describe or understand. This test can help you look into the inmost recesses of the heart and find a demon hiding there!

First, let's figure out the main part: why are you considered to be a demon?

Immoderate pride

Terrible cruelty

Unforgivable frivolity

Choose a quotation to place above your den's entrance:

Only an individual is a master of freedom

The most terrible wrath is the wrath of impotence

He who laughs last, laughs best

Even demons have fears. What's your biggest fear?

Depending on someone

Lack of desires


What can you sell your soul for (in case you have any)?

For perfect looks

For everlasting wealth

For fulfilling all my wishes

You've found a strange object on your property. What would you do?

Find its owner and punish him

Examine it

Throw away

Which animal seems to suit your personality the most?

Fierce wolf

Lion, a king of animals

Impeccable black panther

A mortal being is beginning you to help. What would you do?

What's the most important thing in your life? Or in afterlife

My pleasures



What are ready to do to reach your goal?

Abandon everyone, even the people I love

Be cruel and merciless. It's a dog-eat-dog world

Use my seduction skills

Why do mortals hate you?

I can offend anyone

I have no sense of guilt

They are being envious

First rank demon

The first hierarchy includes fallen Seraphim and Cherubim who are under command of Lucifer and Beelzebub. These demons tempt people with pride, and make them enjoy vices. Wealth and luxury attract you. In order to get them, you are able to abandon your loved ones and follow your egoism and self-esteem. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it with them to find out!

Second rank demon

The second hierarchy includes princes and archangels who are under command of Oeillet and Rosier. They tempt people with craving more, make them break their promises and vows; because of these demons people can't enjoy the things they have. Your soul is frequently filled with cruelty, you show your indifference towards the loved ones, have no empathy and sympathy. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it with them to find out!

Third rank demon

The third hierarchy includes fallen archangels who are under command of Belial and Olivier. They tempt people with arrogance and vain; mortals want to be better than others or look perfect. You are known as shallow and light-minded person, who is easily distracted and doesn't want to understand what's going on. What will this test tell about your friends? Share it with them to find out!