Quiz: What Type Of Girl Are You?

Quiz: What Type Of Girl Are You?
Every girl is unique, but you probably share some features with others. We've compiled some behavioral groups that develop under the influence of many factors, such as age, upbringing, and character. You don't know what group you belong to, do you? Answer a few questions and you'll know the answer!

Which of these is the best component of your wardrobe?

If you want to go out on weekends, what will you choose?

I'll go to the movies. Or to an exhibition

I'll probably spend all day doing domestic cares

I'll make an appointment with a hairstylist while there's time

I'll invite friends, we'll have a high time together

What subject did you like at school most?

Math or physics

Lunch-break, when you can discuss a classmate's new dress

Literature or foreign language

I don't know, I went to school just to meet friends

How many times did you fall in love this year?

What's your hobby?

Hanging out with friends

Reading, self-development, sports

Watching movies, reading belles-lettres

Shopping, fashion

What could be the job of your dreams?

DJ in a night club

The head of a big company

Fashion designer


To spend the evening in the noisy crew - how do you like it?

When you wake up in the morning, what do you do first?

A glass of water, charger, book

I recall what happened yesterday and why I have a headache

I lie in bed and think about something

I make a face mask

What you cannot do?

Admit my fault

Delete all social media

Go out without makeup

Sky jumping

A guy you like is passing by. What's your action?

I'll give a smile and wink

There's nothing to be done

I'll look at him until he notices. Then I'll pretend as if nothing happened

I'll just come up to him, we'll have a chat


You're very active, cannot sit still and rarely stay home. Your elements are nightclubs, parties, and noisy crews. You're always where there's a lot of people and fun. It's quite hard to build a long and serious relationship with you since you never know what to expect. But there will be no boredom, for sure! Share the result with your friends. Do they agree?

Queen of beauty

You always look gorgeous, pay a lot of attention to hairdo, makeup, and clothes. No one can pass by such a beauty, you are always in the spotlight. The heads of guys turn, should you go by. This is cool, but you spend so many efforts on the appearance that you rarely have time for doing something else. Probably, you should take it easier. That's not a big deal if someone sees you without makeup ;) Share the result with your friends. Do they agree?

Business lady

Independence is your nature. You'll do anything to achieve your goals and you need no one for it, you do it all on your own. The focus of attention is made on your career, business, studies or self-development. But once you understand that this part of your life is put right, you'll become aware of the importance of family and relations. You just need to catch this moment! Share the result with your friends. Do they agree?

Romantic dreamer

Admit it, you cry watching a sad movie and you're concerned over the destiny of stray animals. You're incredibly kind, know how to empathize and cannot do a low thing. You're already ready for a long and serious relationship, truly appreciate friendship and people you know. The desire to run a risk, try something new and be easily carried away is not typical of you. It may seem boring to someone, but this stability is the recipe for strong relationships. Share the result with your friends. Do they agree?