Find Out What Kind Of Traveler You Really Are?

Find Out What Kind Of Traveler You Really Are?
When it comes to vacations, tastes differ. While some people like to spend time sunbathing on the beach, others choose extreme sports or sightseeing. Are you going on vacation soon? Good for you! Find out which kind of traveler you are so you can plan your dream destination with confidence!

What is your ideal duration of a trip?

A week or two

A couple of weeks, a month tops

Depends on the season

3 to 6 months

What type of recreation do you prefer?

Beach resorts and world-known sights

It doesn't matter, I like everything

Sea, rocks, waves...Any adventure activities!

Comfortable places, both in terms of accomodation and climate

What type of accommodation do you prefer?

Doesn't matter. I can adapt.

Depends on my budget

All inclusive hotels

Medium-priced accommodation

What transport do you prefer while on vacation?

Bike or deltaplane

Anything, from travelling on foot to driving a rented car

Taxi and air-conditioned buses

Rented bike or scooter, rarely car and bus

What goals do your pursue during your trip?

I want to show my friends lots of photos from my trip, get a tan, bring souvenirs to my family, etc.

I want to change the scene, forget about routine, and get an exciting experience

Excelsior! I want to overcome obstacles, challenge myself, and achieve new heights

I want to get some rest, both mentally and physically, Plus, I want to spend some alone time,

What factors do you consider when planning a vacation?

Comfort and stability, house rental long-term

Good weather, favorable climate conditions

It's all the same for me!

5-star hotels, beaches, exotic food, nightlife

What do you prefer to do in your free time?

Go to a restaurant, then to a club. I'm a party person.

Spend time with my family

Do sports

I'm a freelancer, so I have plenty of free time.

Which option do you like best?

What do you do while on vacation?

I live a normal life, even work sometimes.

I visit sights, travel to other places within the country.

I spend much time in the hotel territory. Plus, I go on guided tours and dance in clubs.

I'm always on the go

What makes you mad during a vacation?


Poor service

False online reviews on hotels and tours

Bad weather because it can ruin my plans

Where do you usually eat while on vacation?

In my hotel (all inclusive)

At local cafes and restaurants

I cook and eat at my rented apartment/house

Depends on where I'm spending my vacation. I can cook food over a campfire, if needed!

Package tour lover

Well, you allow yourself to be a little lazy sometimes! You prefer to let a travel agent arrange your vacation and buy a package tour that includes literally everything, from air tickets to accommodation to food.  This type of vacation is common among pwople with poor English knowledge who like to have a guide by their side to help them talk to the locals. Such people prefer sunbathing on the beach during daytime and party at night.  Relaxation, entertainment, photos, and sourvenirs are the main words to describe this type of vacation. Be sure to share this test with your friends! Who knows? Maybe you'll go on the next vacation together?

Lone wolf

You don't need company to enjoy a good trip. You prefer to travel alone. Most of the time, you plan your future vacation in advance and in all detail. You book flights and hotels, read about interesting sights to see, analyze other travelers' reviews, and so on. The preperation work requires quite a lot of time!  If you can't find the right hotel or apartment, you have no trouble sleeping over at the house of a local. You're a curious, independent, and active person. You like to visit new places, made friends abroad, and explore new cultures. Be sure to share this test with your friends! Who knows? Maybe you'll go on the next vacation together?

Extreme vacations

For you, the main thing during a vacation is to experience emotions and adrenaline rush. You're a willful and determined person. You hate routine with all your guts. You see life as an adventure. You prefer to travel with a group of friends who share your interests and hobbies. Bikes, campfires, wild nature...This is your ideal vacation!   During a trip, you aim to do things you've never done before, set new records, and challenge yourself. Be sure to share this test with your friends! Who knows? Maybe you'll go on the next vacation together?

Sun and ocean

You hate winter with its wind and snow! It's not surprising you prefer to wait the cold time of the year in warm countries.  We bet you have your favorite place where you go every year. You enjoy delicious local food, sunbathe, swim in the ocean, and spend time with the locals. Plus, you're using your long vacation to learn new things, such as the local language or customs. Once winter back in your native country is over, you hurry back home. Have you ever thought of moving to a warm place once and for all? Be sure to share this test with your friends! Who knows? Maybe you'll go on the next vacation together?