What Should Your Name Really Be? This Quiz Will Find Out!

What Should Your Name Really Be? This Quiz Will Find Out!
Do you believe that names have their own meaning and can influence one's fate? Do you want to choose a name for someone - for a friend, your friend's child, or your own "virtual" name? We bet that it won't be so easy! After all, names mean so much! Take our test to find out which name matches you based on your temperament. If the result corresponds to your real name, you're lucky!

How can you describe yourself?

Adventure Seeker

Bookworm and lover of TV series

Stubbornness is my everything

I am a sweet and modest person.

What pet would you like to have?

A dog. It will be a true friend!

A swan. They are so beautiful

A leopard. I love danger

Ants are cool. I want an ant farm

Do you have many bad habits?

My bad habits don't concern anyone

I have a couple, but everything is good

Unfortunately, I do. But I'm working on it.

No, I'm just an angel!

Can you call yourself a lucky man?

Nah, I'm so rarely lucky. Well, what can I do?

Of course! Good luck always accompanies me

No, but it never stops me.

Those people are lucky, who work hard to achieve their goals

How often do people admire your patience?

Often enough. I am a very diligent person.

You can only envy for my patience

I just haven't enough patience

Patience is a weakness. You need to act and not to suffer

Imagine that we are in a Native American tribe. You need to choose a nickname:

Sharp Eye

Tiger's Claw  

Big Heart

Open Soul

You have to solve a difficult task. What will you choose: to cheat and get a good result or not to cheat, but get a bad one?

Prepare at home and not cheat

Cheat, if possible. Take advantage of a lucky moment

Not cheat and get a good result. I can arrange it that way.

No, I shouldn't cheat. It's just a test.

It's going to rain. But you had plans. What are you going to do?

I will go for a walk anyway and just go into a café.

I will stay at home and read a book. It will be nice

I don't care about anything!

It's a pity. Well, I will get wet a little

What color will you choose?

Mint. It's calm


Red. I love bright colors

Gray. It's good for everything

It's time to talk seriously. For you life is:

An amazing trip

A number of victories and defeats

A tale and we write is plot by ourselves

Movement from one goal to another

Your main personal characteristic is





Do you remember, what your mother told you about your childhood?

I was a stubborn and self-willed child

I was a restless and cheerful child

I was a serious and independent child.

I was a spontaneous and kind-hearted child.

Do you like to invite friends to visit you?

Yes, I host everyone gladly

I rarely stay at home, so I don't

No, I prefer my group of friends

I have neither time nor desire

Mark / Maria

As Mark-Maria are supposed to be you are an undemonstrative and worried person. You are quite charming and sociable, but you don't like to talk a lot about yourself and remain rather secretive. You demonstrate driveness and resolution being extremely persuasive and taking responsibility for all your actions. You are an organizer. You don't appreciate fast work or work without thoroughness. You are an extremely independent person, maybe, even too much. Often you want everyone to go away to let you read a book alone. You prefer to be alone than with people. Share the result with your friends and let them know how they can touch you!

Christian / Julia

You often behave as a capricious child. As a person, who should have the names of Christian and Julia, you are characterized by increased affection and variability of desires. You always want to hear praises. If you don't hear them you take offense. Among peers you are always bold and relaxed. You can make something unexpected without worrying about possible consequences. In friendship Ruslan and Sveta are always ready to show dedication. Share the result with your friends and let them know how they can touch you!

Samuel / Anna

Since childhood you've been very stubborn as Samuel and Anna are. Your persistent personality keeps on the hop, because you never place your opinion in question and no one has the right to argue with you. You have a high opinion of yourself, but it rarely corresponds to the reality. You always know all the answers and act decisively. You usually react with hostility to weaknesses of other people and try to use them to achieve your goals. Sometimes you act without understanding and taking into account interests of other people. They perceive your behavior as aggressive and ungrateful. You don't forgive offenses, although you strive to build good relationship with everyone. Share the result with your friends and let them know how they can touch you!

William / Valeria

Compliance and facile nature are your main features. If you feel yourself as Valeria or William you are a strong-willed and sociable person. People always like you. You attract them with your kindness and beauty, and you are rarely at loggerheads with anyone. Persons with such names have many friends among women and men. However, they have to do much to deserve your frankness. Sometimes, there is a kind of detachment felt in relationship with family members. Share the result with your friends and let them know how they can touch you!