At What Age Will I Find My True Love?

At What Age Will I Find My True Love?
We all have different plans and goals but everyone is eager to fall in love. What can be better than experiencing butterflies in the stomach, romantic dates, and long walks? You just need to find out how soon it'll happen! Take this quiz and get to know when your better half will appear in your life.

How do you usually spend your leisure time?

Reading books, watching cool movies, all that

Going out with friends

Waling around alone

What time does it take for you to come up to a stranger and make acquaintance? (in minutes)

Continue the phrase: All you need is…


Tasty super

Cool company

Which of these animals resembles you most?




Imagine, you're writing a scenario for your love story. What will be there?

I believe we'll meet all of a sudden, almost accidentally. And then it'll roll by itself

First, we'll become friends and then understand that this is love

From the beginning, everything should be very romantic and beautiful like in a fairytale

What's your attitude to the idea of a blind date?

When you're about to shop, you invite…

A style-savvy friend

I can manage it on my own

All my friends. If I don't buy anything, we'll have fun at least

You are at work or studies, and suddenly you have an hour of free time. What will you do?

Go to the nearby cafe

I'll read. If there's one thing I always have is a book

I'll invite my friend, we'll decide it together

You are offered a long business trip abroad. Assess this opportunity

To fail the first date your date should come…

Late. I hate it

In bad humor

In a sport wear

How can you describe your friends best?

Well, there are so many of them. Probably, merry and sociable

Kind, heartwarming, and sensitive

What friends? I don't have them

They say those who have patience have got everything. Do you agree?


Your true love is waiting for you somewhere within easy reach. It is worth waiting for a little, setting your heart on it and looking for paiyng more attention. Add a bit of fun and interesting new people - this way your success will be ensured. You'll meet your better half and make a lot of new friends. Share your result with friends, go out together and make a step forward in your quest!

Love is here already

It seems you love's already found you, but you completely ignore it. Look around one more time, maybe some got stuck in the friend zone by mistake? Take a closer look at your friends and the people you know, probably, you don't understand that someone has already strong feelings for you. Share your result with friends, let's see what the quiz will tell about them!

You have to wait

Currently, love is far away from you. You set other goals - career, studies, self-development and so on and don't want to get distracted by some feelings at all. It's not surprising that it's so hard for your soulmate to find you. Turn the Hachiko mode on and get ready for long searches. Share your result with friends, let's see what the quiz will tell about them!