Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?

Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?
Over the few last years, Downton Abbey has become one of the most popular TV shows. It seems that viewers all over the world couldn't be satiated with the aristocratic family and its incredible story. Have you ever imagined yourself in Downton Abbey? Answer the questions and find out which character you are!

When you have a problem, how do you cope with it?

I do everything according to rules, otherwise, you can't solve it

I do my best until it doesn't hurt anyone

I'll always find a way, though not the fairest one

You need to approach everything with humor

Try to describe yourself with a couple of words


Pride and wilfulness

Kindness and sincerity

A marvelous sense of humor and reliability

How do you feel about changes?

What kind of person do you look for?

Someone as true as steel

One who will love me with all my drawbacks. And will be rich

If he/she loves me, everything else doesn't matter

I need someone witty and well-educated

How do you think what people say behind your back?

That I grumble a lot

They exploit my kindness

They say that I'm too proud

They discuss my reserve

How often do you lie?

How many friends do you have?

No one

A couple



Where can you be usually found?

At the formal reception

In the library

I work, help out around the house

Where you can establish contacts

At the party, you accidentally meet a person you don't like. What will you do?

I'll give a smile and pass by

I'll pretend I don't notice him. I don’t need conflicts

I'll give the cold shoulder and won't speak to him

I need to speak to him all the same, for the sake of propriety

What will you do if someone confidentially tells you something important?

I'll use this information to my advantage

I'll tell people who should know about it

I'll keep the secret

I try to be away from intrigues

Robert Crawley

Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) is a conservative, he strictly follows all the rules and monitors others not to break them, but he's kind to servants, and daughters aren't afraid of disobeying, he allows to have their own opinion. But the housefather has one little sin – he passionately kissed one of the maids twice. Share the quiz with friends. What role does fit them?

Mary Crawley

Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) is a beautiful, self-willed, proud and sharp-tongued elder daughter of the family. Her cussedness played a low-down trick with her. Behaving herself indulgently and braving it out with the new heir of Downton Matthew Crawley, she loses a lot of time waiting for a happy family life. This lady gradually becomes more unpleasant, cold and tough-minded. She becomes increasingly haughty day by day. Share the quiz with friends. What role does fit them?

Lady Sybil

Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown-Findlay) is a beautiful, kind and the most sincere one among all the Crawley sisters. During WW1 lady Sybil becomes a sister of charity and desperately takes care of wounded officers. Sybil fights for woman suffrage and doesn't want to spend her life at the balls and parties - she wants to be useful for society. Share the quiz with friends. What role does fit them?

Violet Crawley

Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) - widowed countess of Grantham – Robert's mom, Mary's, Edith's and Sybil's grandmother's. Granny Violet is not just a spice but the whole pound of chili pepper in the series. Her image is gorgeous, this is that very subtle English humor, which is so vehemently replaced in modern cinema to rude and vulgar one. The widowed countess is strict and grumbling but she's also easy-going, you can always rely on her through foul and fair. Share the quiz with friends. What role does fit them?