What Is Your Type of Femininity? The Quiz Will Find Out!

Lada Khramova
What Is Your Type of Femininity? The Quiz Will Find Out!
Do you inspire all your friends and acquaintances? Maybe you just flirt for attention? Or do you have so much drive and energy that you can't resist? Femininity can be expressed in different ways, take this test to find out which type are you!

Let's remember your childhood. What kind of princess did you want to be?


Snow White



Imagine this situation: you agreed to meet a friend. Suddenly she calls and says that she changed her mind. Your actions?

I’ll ask what is the matter. Maybe I can help somehow!

I'll find a friend and go with him. Let him die of envy!

I will pretend to be offended and go alone

Will do something special to make her regret about missing something interesting

How often do you compliment your friends?

Imagine that you have the super ability to transform into any animal. Who will it be?

Black Panther




In your opinion, the profession of a dream is ...

The teacher


A housewife


A stranger came up to you on the street and said that you looked very cute. What is your reaction?

You come on a date to a restaurant and look at the menu. What drink would you like for dinner?

Fresh juice

Just water

Some cocktail

Red wine

You join a new team and it turns out that all your colleagues are guys. How do you feel?

What would you wish on New Year's Eve?

Endless wealth

Unique memory

Ability to read minds

World peace

If school gave grades for spontaneity and weird ideas, how much would you get?

An excellent pupil

Since childhood, you are used to being the first and better than others to understand what is happening around. Such girls carefully take care of themselves, always look good. Moreover sometimes you can seem arrogant - you might know this very well. But we know that this is not so! It's just that your femininity and inner strength are very important for you! What will your friends say? Share the result with them!


Ты привлекаешь всех и каждого, против такого взгляда еще никто не смог устоять. Женщины, мужчины - все обращают внимание на твой стиль и элегантность, восхищаются природной женственностью и интуицией, которых у тебя хоть отбавляй. Томный взгляд, низкий голос, немного высокомерия - это так сильно очаровывает окружающих, что недостатка внимания у тебя нет и быть не может! А что скажут твои подруги? Поделись с ними результатом!

Pretty Girl

You are very nice to everyone, you smile a lot and love to compliment others. Everyone envies your friendliness and openness, your desire to please people. And it is fascinating! You have answers to all your questions, you are happy to give advice to a loved one and help someone in need. You take care of everyone and everything, and everyone wants to feel your care. What will your friends say? Share the result with them!

Rock star

You don't care much about what others think about your appearance, behavior, or character. You are having fun - and this is the main thing! You can do the most crazy thing or surprise your friends with an unexpected trick. This is where your female attractiveness lies - you will not get bored with you! What will your friends say? Share the result with them!