Quiz: Which "Sailor Moon" Character Are You?

Quiz: Which "Sailor Moon" Character Are You?
The Sailor Moon series has captivated the minds of fans across the world since its release. The characters are unique and centred around celestial bodies, which means that everyone can find a Sailor Soldier to fit their personality! In the name of the moon-start this quiz!

Choose an emoji to describe yourself:





Let's imagine that your school is awarding special prizes. What will you get it for?

For diligence and perseverance

I have many talents!

For ability to think clearly

For persistence. Nothing will lead me astray!

Let's describe your ideal life. What's a part of it?

My friends


Time for personal development

My successful career

The Moon Stick can grant you anything you ask. What do you want?

Let it make my homework

Please, give my friends a bit of seriousness

Super time-management skills

I have everything, me help needed

What's your favorite color?





Your class was given an extra homework task. What would you say?

Choose a planet that will become your symbol:

Beautiful Moon

Warlike Mars

Distant Mercury

Calm Jupiter

What helps you to deal with difficulties?

My knowledge

Black belt in Karate

My kindness and open-mindedness

My belief in myself and my strength

What's your favorite class at school?





What's your hobby?

Scroll through social media


Calming activities


Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Cheerful and carefree Usagi is a bright and a bit naive teenager. She doesn't like school, but passes all exams without learning. How can she study when going to karaoke with a friend is way more interesting? Once Usagi meets Luna the talking cat that tells the girl about her magic powers. Share this result with your friends! What will this test tell about them?

Rei Hino (Sailor Mars)

Pei Hino, a fiery soul is one of the main characters. She is stubborn and hot-tempered, often shows her bravery and independence from people's opinions. Sailor Mars doesn't like her friend Usagi being so careless,, but tactics and pragmatism of Rei can calm her friends down. Share this result with your friends! What will this test tell about them?

Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury)

Ami Mizuno is Usagi's classmate; her name means Rainwater. She a responsible teenager who likes studying and learning something new. Sometimes she is way too serious about her studies, might be silent and introverted. Balancing learning process and fights against villains is hard for Amy, but she's doing her best! Share this result with your friends! What will this test tell about them?

Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter)

Makoto Kino seems to be the oldest among her friends; it's her nature and life experience that make her mature, not her age. Sailor Jupiter has learnt about sorrow since early ages, and started to fight for her interests when she was a child. She's got some nerve and fight in her! Share this result with your friends! What will this test tell about them?