Which supernatural character are you?

Which supernatural character are you?

Im a big fan of supernatural and have never been able to find a good quiz so I made my own! Enjoy!!!

How would you react when finding out monsters exist?

Get excited and yell I TOLD YOU SO!

Freak out and call cap

Believe it but want nothing to do with it

Be confuse and ask a bunch of questions

Ask questions but go along with it

What would you love to be doing right now?

In my bed doing nothing

Hanging out with friends

Laying in bed eating popcorn while watching my fav movie

Learning about something cool

None of the above

How brave are you?

How strong are you?

What do you fear most

losing family




And lastly who would your bff be?

Cass ofc







You are Dean very courageous and bold on the outside but deep down all you really care about is friends and family. You try to hide you true self from the world and act like nothing bothers you but when times start to get tuff that's when your true self really comes out.


Your sam empathetic, intelligent and independent. Your the type to get frustrated very easily at just anyone your the type to sacrifice yourself for someone you just met and also the type to run off just so you can do school and make friends. Your crazy and sweet and most people would love to be your friend. 


Your castiel kind, bold, and a little misunderstood. Your always trying to help others but don't really have a good sense of how to do that and tend to mess up alot. You don't really understand other people and your really just trying to fit in at this point. If anyone is ever lost they know exactly who to come to and that's you! Your very wise and although you can't really understand humans you do really understand life.


your bobby bold, and empathetic. Your a really good friend and would make a great father/mother but your also very scared of failing others and disappointing them your always there to talk to it anyone's ever feeling down but will make your point of needed. Your very stubborn and won't listen to someone when they try to get you to stop doing something stupid. Your also very likely to sacrifice yourself for someone else.


your Jack sweet,empathetic, and joyful! Your always ready and happy to learn something new. Most people find you quite weird and even mysterious but you have plenty of friends that enjoy your company. Your quiet and are mostly just here to listen and have fun with other people. You can also be quite sensitive to others and will always try to make things right.