What's Your Spirit Vegetable? Personality Quiz

Lada Khramova
What's Your Spirit Vegetable? Personality Quiz
Do you remember The Adventures of Cipollino? The main characters of this story are vegetables and fruits with familiar personalities! We've made this quiz to find out which veggie traits fit your personality the best! Let's start!

If you were a veggie, how would people cook you?

However they like!

What are the options? I want to choose

As a part of healthy dish

No idea, but I have to be the main ingredient!

Would you be on good terms with your salad colleagues?

My pleasure, they're dope!

No, no, and no!

Yeah, kinda. Shouldn't be a problem

Well, I have to see them first

Choose your color:


Yellow, but green. Also brown


Anything brighter, plz?

What are your thoughts at the end of the day?

These pitiful humans and their idiocy made me exhausted

Can't wait to rise and shine tomorrow!

I was so good today!

I need to gather strength for new achievements!

The main phrase of your day is:

Hey you! Glad to see you!

Do it! Faster!

Oh, it's too late. I don't need it anymore

Guys, I know exactly how to do it!

What if you're participating in a group project, but as a minor not a leader

If you were a vegetable, what human alter ego would you choose?

A happy student long before exams

Unhappy student who is having his exams soon

A gorgeous cinema star rolling her eyes

An angry boss who needed his report yesterday

How your outerwear looks like?

I wear convenient sports jacket

I have lots of things

Stylish and practical at the same time

Bright, so everyone notices

You're about to be cooked for soup. What would you say?

What are your plans for this veggie life?

To be a kind and nice veggie

Learn as much as possible

Dunno, they might change

Create my own business

Versatile potato

Potato is a great veggie that can be out in any dish! Fry it, boil it - do whatever you like! Just like potato, you can fit in any environment, be on good terms with other veggies, and your "soup neighbors". You're popular due to your simple nature without any issues, open-mindedness and friendliness. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!

Complicated asparagus

Asparagus is a complicated veggie. It's certainly healthy, but no one has any idea of how to cook it, what dish to put it in. Just like asparagus, you peeve people with your complicated nature. You're incredibly smart and interesting person, but rarely socialize; it takes you some time to get used to new environment, your mood swings often. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!

Healthy broccoli

Broccoli is a great veggie. It's so holy and healthy, has no unusual or rich flavor, and doesn't require special skills to be cooked. Just like broccoli, you like to show your knowledge, though without acting like a know-it-all, but being friendly and straight. People often seek your advice, listen for your opinion and respect you. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!

Serious eggplant

Eggplant is a complicated veggie. It has bright color and rich flavor, but it's hard to cook; it likes to rule the cooking process. Just like an eggplant, you never underestimate yourself, rarely compromise and find it hard to get along with others. However, you know everything about sense of purpose and persistence. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!