Why Don't Girls Like Me? The Quiz Will Help!

Why Don't Girls Like Me? The Quiz Will Help!
Some guys can turn everybody's head, while others feel invisible. What's wrong and how can it be fixed? Take this test to find out.

You decided to spend the evening watching series, but suddenly she called you and said that she needs your help: her car had broken. What will you say?

Of course, I’ll come soon. Maybe, you’re hungry?

Fix it yourself, I have plans

I’m not good at cars at all, call a car mechanic

You come to a gym. A pretty girl is working out next to you. What will you do?

I’ll try to appear weaker than I’m to make her feel strong

I’ll say her that she needs to work out more – my grandma’s figure is much better

I won’t pay attention to her, I came to work out

When you talk to girls, you are polite and tactful

Of course, I was raised right

Not at all, I like to make fun of them

I don’t know, usually I keep silent, can it be considered politeness?

You’re among two girls, you like one and you’re indifferent to the other. What will you do?

I’ll try to pay the same amount of attention to both

I’ll try to whet them. I like when girls are quarreling because of me

I'll just listen to their talk

If you want to meet a girl on a dating site, what would you write in your profile?

I like reading and cooking, will be happy to chat with you

If I like your photo, I’ll be ready to chat

I have nothing to tell about myself, if you want to meet me – write me

My wardrobe is...

Comfortable and sensible clothes

A lot of ripped jeans and leather jackets

Basically shirts and trousers

A girl you don't know is looking at you. What do you think?

How could I meet her?

She has a crush on me

I don't think I'm her type

A girl you want to make like you is going to drop in at your place. What will you do?

I’ll cook something delicious and we’ll chat at supper

I’ll definitely change bed sheets - just in case

I’ll offer to watch a classic comedy

Do you send compliments to girls you know on common holidays and when these are important to them dates?

On any occasion

No, why should I?

Only on the most important holidays

Can you make a girl smile or laugh with your jokes?

Not laught, but smile - yes, I can

My jokes are too difficult for their brains

I don't know what to say to make it

Do you often turn back and scope a passing by stranger?

If only I like her a lot

All the time and whistle for sure

No, it won't help me anyway

Your body is...

Regular, like any others'

Hard as a rock

I'm a fatty

She doesn't like that you're too soft

Many girls believe that it's inexcusable for a guy to be sensitive, timid, tactful, prudent, and obedient. The representatives of the softer sex set a high value on a steel sight, a determined chin and so on. And qualities on the opposite pole are often interpreted as a sign of weakness and insecurity. Of course, you shouldn't vibrate from one extreme to another and shoot neck. However, you can be decisive. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off!

She doesn't like that you're too rude

You display rudeness, including to and especially to girls. You give lip, cheek, take pokes at them and just try to beat them to their knees whenever possible. Don't think that women like when someone treats them as mud. Maybe, in the beginning, some of them think it's charmingly eccentric and even exciting. But when they certainly realize that you behave this way not because of the excess of energy, but, on the contrary, because of debility. If you want someone to pay attention to you - be above it. It is said for a reason that politeness costs nothing, but yields much. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off!

She doesn't like that you're boring

Let's have an objective look at the situation. What is your life filled with except studies/work, series and social media? Are you really good at something? Can you speak about something with fiery eyes for more than 15 minutes? Women always reach out for those who know, can, saw more than they. And you and the scanty range of your interests are to blame that they don't see such a person in you. Join a standup club, become a volunteer at the zoo, learn how to paint. Do something interesting and girls will want to know you better. Share this test on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it off!